Complete Trademark Search

Complete Trademark Search-What It Is and How to achieve It?

What is complete trademark search? A complete trademark search is an act of excavating various trademark databases to ensure that the intended mark is safe to be taken. This is done to ensure that the intended mark is not going to infringe someone else taken a mark. Without a complete trademark search, you may risk[…]

Essential Trademark Tips every Business should Consider

Trademark is one of the most important assets available in the hands of businessmen and entrepreneurs. Much of the success of a business could be attributed to choosing a good trademark and maintaining it as per the required jurisdiction. Failing to get a trademark or maintaining it effectively could be detrimental to your overall business[…]

Trademark Search

How to Pick a Worthy and Good Trademark

A trademark can be your assets provided it is picked, used and preserved as per the statutory law provided by the respective regulatory office. A trademark can be used as collateral for financing and thus it is important to pick a trademark that worth investment. Picking a qualified trademark is something that requires acquaintances with[…]

Benefits of Doing Manual Trademark Search

Manual trademark search is completely different from automated trademark search wherein searches are done manually with human. There are many advantages that a manual trademark search offers to searchers and thus there are plenty of reasons that will elucidate why trademark search professionals should rely upon manual trademark search rather than automated trademark search. Thorough[…]

Trademark Search US Companies

Trademark Search-Scopes and Opportunities

Trademark search is not mandatory as per statutory rules but viewing its long-term scopes and benefits businesses should do it before investing their hard earned money and resources on their intended mark. Without the benefit of searching, you own the risk of infringing on someone else’s rights which in turn could force you to stop[…]

trademark clearance searches

Trademark Clearance Searches: Importance

Trademark clearance searches and knock out trademark searches are often used interchangeably, but this is not the correct way of interpreting trademark search.  A knock out search is completely different from a clearance search, because, a knock out search is a quick, partial, and incomplete trademark search wherein we care merely about certain aspects of[…]

trademark clearance search

Trademark Clearance Search: Uses and Implications

As a trademark search service provider we came across many instances, wherein, clients complain that trademarks they have grown to love are likely to encounter obstacles during the registration process. After analyzing all such cases, we came to the conclusion that lack of trademark clearance search could be the main culprit wherein companies or its[…]

full trademark search for businesses

Full Trademark Search for Businesses-What It Is?

What is full trademark search for businesses? A full trademark search for businesses is an act of doing a comprehensive search of all the avenues that can potentially have an impact on an intended mark. Unlike knock-out trademark search wherein we care only about some specific aspects, here, we consider all the possible aspects that can[…]

full trademark search

Formulating a Full Trademark Search Strategy

Much of the success of your trademark search depends on the trademark search strategy you employed during the process. A minuscule error can make your all exercise futile and thus it is important to formulate an effective and full trademark search strategy that can give you the desired result. This article is aimed at underlining some[…]

Trademark Filing

Trademark Filing: Facts to Consider

No matter whichever business you are entering into, it’s important to distinguish your brand identity from your competitors. And the same can be achieved through ‘Trademark Filing’. A Trademark can be defined as any unique expression that a business uses these days to distinguish their business, goods or services from those of other traders. A[…]