3 Important Aspects Of Worldwide Trademark Search

With the exponential growth of globalization, companies are looking to operate their business in multiple jurisdictions. For enterprises that plan to export their brand/service overseas, it is necessary to obtain global protection for their brand identity. Trademark registration is an essential asset in securing the brand from infringement and liabilities. It enables the customers to[…]


How Trademark Infringement Can Cost Companies Their Reputation and Revenue

A trademark (mark) is a word, phrase, or symbol that distinguishes a company’s products from the products of others. Sometimes, mark protection can also extend beyond words and symbols to include other product aspects such as packaging and color. Registration of a trademark provides exclusive rights to the owner to use the marks for their[…]


How to Conduct Global Trademark Registration and Monitoring Cost-Effectively

Global trademark registration and monitoring are crucial for businesses to drive growth and leverage their IP. Carrying out a trademark (mark) search is a crucial first step towards securing mark protection. After conducting these searches, businesses can file their application with the concerned trademark office to obtain a mark. Once a mark is registered, it[…]


How to Conduct Global Trademark Searches Cost-Effectively

To conduct global trademark searches is an indispensable step for every company that eyes the international market for product launches. This step is vital for introducing infringement-free products, which may otherwise result in legal disputes. However, many companies may not leverage to conduct global trademark searches because of the high costs and turnaround time involved.[…]

Points to Consider Before Filing a Trademark Application

Before Filing A Trademark Application: Points To Consider

Trademark is one of those important intellectual assets that can help businesses establish their own identity and recognition in the market. Thus, it is important for business owners and entrepreneurs to make a clear-cut plan about how to brand their products and how should they go about filing their trademarks. Like patents, trademarks should also[…]

Trademark Monitoring Strategies

Trademark Monitoring Strategies: Best Ways To Conduct

The primary objective of trademark monitoring strategies is to keep an eye on various trademark filings in different countries as a measure to secure your trademark. Advancement in technology has made monitoring quick and easy. No matter, whether you want extensive & flexible coverage or quality coverage at the lowest possible price, all you need[…]

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