Unregistered Trademarks In UK: Are They Safe?

The importance of trademarks has gone up significantly as brands are focusing more on branding and marketing. Due to this, brands and organizations have come up with trademarks in the form of: Interesting logos Catchy Phrases Unique designs But, not all trademarks are registered. Unregistered Trademarks Protection in UK Unregistered trademarks make up a huge[…]


Sound Marks: Registration, Benefits, Examples

I am sure you have eaten at McDonalds at least once in your life or maybe just took a happy meal and ate at your comfort place. But have you ever wondered about the McDonalds’ classic “I’m Lovin it” sound? YES, that is an example of sound mark. Can Sound Be A Trademark? If you[…]

CYBERSQUATTING In 2022: Prevention, Examples, Types

Table of Contents Introduction to Cybersquatting What is Cybersquatting and its examples? What is The Purpose Behind Cybersquatting? Cybersquatting Examples When Is Cybersquatting Illegal? What Are The Types of Cybersquatting? How Can You Take Action Against Cybersquatting? Introduction to Cybersquatting The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) dealt with 3,400 cases of cybersquatting between January and[…]

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