Trademark Comprehensive Search & Watch Practices: Challenges and Solutions

IP focused industries often face tons of challenges when they start their search for proper trademark solutions. Moreover, they forcefully conduct several ‘hit and trial’ measures to get the desired results. Thus, this helps in not realizing the specialized services offered by companies to assist with their trademark comprehensive search and monitoring requirements. Thus, we[…]

USPTO TESS – A Powerful Trademark Search Tool

USPTO TESS Search Help – A Powerful Trademark Search Tool

The USPTO is a fee-funded government organization that helps people in protecting their intellectual properties. As a result, the organization has developed a comprehensive tool – USPTO TESS. This state-of-the-art tool comprises Trademark Database and an advanced user interface. TESS’s (Trademark Electronic Search System) user interface helps applicants search trademarks in the entire database. Moreover,[…]

what does a trademark search cost?

What does a trademark search cost?

The comprehensive Trademark search cost and offering of The Trademark Search Company allow businesses and worldwide organizations the opportunity to grow and protect their critical IP from competitors. Our team of professional experts in trademark searching helps you guard your IP at every life cycle stage.  Also, we deliver precise and trustable results whether it[…]

global trademark search

Global Trademark Search

Companies perform Global Trademark Search to supply their goods/services in foreign countries. Madrid Protocol manages the complete procedure of application and registration of the trademarks globally. The Global Trademark search helps in protecting the IP rights of the owner over a Trademark globally. The Trademark search Company provides you a package of trademark-related services with the help of its[…]

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