Trademark Monitoring: Why should you choose it for your mark?

What is Trademark Monitoring? Trademark monitoring is basically a service that is used to keep an eye on your trademark. Along with monitoring the trademark, it also focuses on detecting potential infringers. It has become quite crucial especially if you have a business and invested your monetary resources for trademark registration. Thus, it will help[…]


Three Important Aspects of Worldwide Trademark Search to Know

With the exponential growth of globalization, companies are looking to operate their business in multiple jurisdictions. Moreover, for enterprises that plan to export their brand/service overseas, it is necessary to obtain global protection for their brand identity. So, worldwide trademark search followed by registration is an essential asset in securing the brand from infringement and[…]


A Complete Guide towards Trademark Registration in India

Every company that plans to establish its business emphasizes creating a brand image for its customer. It is through the brand image that people connect, identify and differentiate their product or services from others. To build this identity, organizations must register their trademark as it helps them to enforce their legal rights upon violation. The[…]

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