Unregistered Trademarks In UK: Are They Safe?

The importance of trademarks has gone up significantly as brands are focusing more on branding and marketing. Due to this, brands and organizations have come up with trademarks in the form of:

  • Interesting logos
  • Catchy Phrases
  • Unique designs

But, not all trademarks are registered.

Unregistered Trademarks Protection in UK

Unregistered trademarks make up a huge chunk of the overall IP load in the UK. The interesting part about unregistered trademarks is that their trademark rights build over time as their market presence helps them to distinguish the goods & services from competitors.

However, the unregistered nature makes their application limited to the territory where the mark has acquired a market reputation.

Unregistered Trademark Rights In UK

UK recognized the trademark rights for unregistered trademarks as well. The protection is provided under the concept of “Passing Off.”

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