This Is Why Your Brand Needs A Registered Trademark

Trademarks have been the talk of the town, especially in the past few decades. It’s not surprising that brands and organizations are investing so much creativity and monetary resources to get their trademark registered with the trademark registry of their nation.

Trademarks are the unique identifiers for a brand helping the brand to stand out in the market. The 21st century is an age of competition. For every product or service, there exist hundreds of brand alternatives in the market, each one of them claiming to be the best. In such a scenario, how do you ensure the customers recognize your products and buy them?

By Registering A Unique And Catchy Trademark

But wait, that’s not the only reason to register a trademark for your products or services. 

 Here are the top reasons why your brand needs a trademark:

1. Get Trademark Rights

Having a registered trademark will come with trademark rights under the trademark law. In the case of unregistered trademarks, the trademark owner gets limited trademark rights based on common law. Therefore, to get exclusive trademark rights to use your mark, it is essential you register it as soon as possible.

2. Trademark Provides Protection Against Infringement

In today’s era of extreme competition, it is a must to keep an eye out for infringers preying upon your brand’s best qualities. Be it copying your products or using a similar trademark to attract your customer base, you need to be vigilant. This is where registering your trademark comes into the picture. Registering a trademark allows you to:

  • Exercise legal ownership of your brand’s trademark
  • Decide who can use the trademark and to which degree
  • Object & oppose if someone tries to infringe upon your trademark rights
  • Initiate a legal lawsuit against trademark infringer

3. Assign/Transfer Your Trademark

A legally registered trademark in the trademark registry comes with several trademark rights, the power of trademark assignment being one of them. Trademark assignment means the process by which the transfer of ownership and rights of a trademark takes place. According to Section 37 of the Trademark Act, 1999, “the trademark transfer is defined as the transfer of an owner’s right, title, and interest in a trademark or brand mark.

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4. Freedom To Operate

Every single day, USPTO receives thousands of trademark registration applications. This figure is humungous when considered at an international level. As new budding entrepreneurs and brands apply for trademark registration, it is highly likely that your trademark may get into conflict.

What if someone tries to register a similar trademark in another country?

If someone registers a trademark even remotely similar to yours in your target country of business, you will end up losing customers and revenue. This is why registration of a trademark is extremely crucial to enhance your trademark’s freedom to operate.

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