Trademark Monitoring Strategies

Trademark Monitoring Strategies: Best Ways To Conduct

The primary objective of trademark monitoring strategies is to keep an eye on different trademark filings in different countries as a measure to secure your own trademark. Advancement in technology has made monitoring quick and easy. No matter, whether you want wide & flexible coverage or quality coverage at lowest possible price, all you need[…]

Trademark Registration_ Key To Strengthen Your Brand

Trademark Registration: Key To Strengthen Your Brand

A trademark may be anything such as name, symbol, word, device, numerals etc. According to a recent intellectual property survey, trademark covers one-third of total corporate value. Trademark registration is considered to be a valuable asset and it offers numerous benefits. Trademark Registration: How Is It Beneficial To Your Brand? Trademark registration gives the proprietor the right[…]

What is a Trademark Watch Service_

Trademark Watch Service: Why Do You Need One?

There are times when you can face serious opposition for your mark, even after registering it. This happens when you have not performed a good trademark search before choosing the mark. Or you ignored the fact that your trademark still needs an efficient watch. Here comes, the only reason why you need a good trademark[…]

Trademark design

Trademark, Service-mark, And Copyright: Its Difference, Importance, & Impact On Your Business

Brand plays a vital role by keeping your business and its offerings distinct by giving it a unique identity in the marketplace. The key to influence the customers is the way you portray your product or a service to the public, which makes them buy or connect with your business or the products and services[…]

Trademark Watching

Perform Trademark Watching: How & Why should you do it?

Most organizations analyze the advantages of registering corporate brands as trademarks in the countries and regions in which they trade, fabricate and transport their items. But registration is just the initial phase in the viable utilization and security of a picked brand, organization or company name. With a specific end goal to guarantee that significant[…]

Trademark Error

Not All Trademark Errors Are Fixable. Learn How to Avoid Them!!

We all deal with a number of trademarks every day. Trademark is an IP mark or a symbol that distinguishes one’s products or services from other businesses. It is an excellent way to create a brand name that makes it easier for customers to recognize them. Since the trademark is an important asset, it is[…]

Trademark Penalties

Trademark Penalties: Learn These ‘Don’ts’ To Avoid Them!

Any word, name, text, or symbol that is used to mark/ identify one’s property, goods, services, etc. is a Trademark. A registered trademark will mark the belongings in the owner’s name and no one else is holding a right/ authority to use the same mark without the owner’s consent. Trademark laws protect the rights of[…]

trademark attorney

Hire A Trademark Attorney: What’s The Need?

Filing a trademark application is a complex process that requires a detailed legal understanding. However, if somebody opts for a Federal Trademark Registration, then he or she can do it on their own. The USPTO website allows an individual to take help of a free tool named Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) through which applicants can file[…]

Trademark Fundamentals

Trademark Fundamentals for Start-ups

The increasing awareness of trademark fundamentals goes hand in hand with the increasing competition in the technology industry. Even though the competition is intense, building up a trademark is essential for any business. With contenders battling about regular words that have been being used for quite a long time, it’s no big surprise that the[…]