Complete Process of Trademark Assignment in India

In recent years, trademark registration in India has seen a huge boom. During the past 4 years, the number of trademarks registered in India were equal to the past 75 years. Until 2015, India had approximately 11.9 lakh trademarks. While in 2020, registered trademark in India jumped to a humungous 23.52 lakh trademarks, am enormous[…]


How To Do Trademark Monitoring in the USA?

Once you have registered your trademark with USPTO, it becomes important to keep a watchful eye on the latest filed trademark application to prevent others from using similar words, logos, or designs. The frequent monitoring of trademarks in industries is called trademark monitoring. Trademark monitoring in US helps in identifying potential infringers. Besides, trademark monitoring[…]

Using Personal Name As Business Name: Pros and Cons

A right business name can make your brand the talk of the town, the same is possible if you choose a wrong one. You must have heard about companies like Adidas, IKEA, HP, Rolls Royce, and Revlon. Do you know one thing that all these companies share in common? All of them are named on[…]


Smell/Olfactory Marks: What Are They and How To Register?

After trademarking motions and sounds, it is now time for scents or smell marks to get a unique trademark of their own. YES! While it sounds amazing to trademark a unique smell, the process is much more complicated. Let us see what olfactory marks are, why they are beneficial, and how to register them.   Let[…]


Sound Marks: Registration, Benefits, Examples

I am sure you have eaten at McDonalds at least once in your life or maybe just took a happy meal and ate at your comfort place. But have you ever wondered about the McDonalds’ classic “I’m Lovin it” sound? YES, that is an example of sound mark. Can Sound Be A Trademark? If you[…]

CYBERSQUATTING In 2022: Prevention, Examples, Types

Table of Contents Introduction to Cybersquatting What is Cybersquatting and its examples? What is The Purpose Behind Cybersquatting? Cybersquatting Examples When Is Cybersquatting Illegal? What Are The Types of Cybersquatting? How Can You Take Action Against Cybersquatting? Introduction to Cybersquatting The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) dealt with 3,400 cases of cybersquatting between January and[…]


Certification Marks: How to Get One for Your Products?

Let us imagine a situation. You go to a grocery store to buy a bottle of jam. The store has 2 brands of jam as options. One of them has normal branding, nothing striking. And the other one has a nice aesthetic branding and a certification trademark. The packaging shows the certification mark and guarantees[…]

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