5 Reasons You Must Monitor Your Trademark

How would you feel if someone else manages to register a trademark similar to yours?

Trademarks are the supreme assets of a brand. Any brand that intends to make a separate and impressive identity in the market must invest in registering the trademark and monitoring it regularly.

What? Monitoring a trademark? Isn’t trademark registration with the trademark registry enough?

No, to enforce the trademark rights, it is important to enforce your trademark which is possible through trademark monitoring. Further, considering the amount of competition in the market, merely trademark registration is not enough. You must keep a strict and close watch on your trademark to save it from:

  1. Cybersquatting (infringers register and utilize such internet domain names that are identical to a company or individual’s trademarks or service marks)
  2. Trademark infringement (someone tries or actually registers a trademark similar to an existing trademark)
  3. Counterfeiting of trademarks (Manufacturing, advertising, marketing, and selling products/services carrying a similar mark to a famous one. E.g. Counterfeit marks such as Adibas, Abibas, etc. similar to the famous Adidas trademark).
  4. Unfair competition (product or service with a trademarked logo of a competitor organization).
  5. Trademark dilution ( the value, distinctive quality, or reputation of a trademark is harmed due to its unauthorized usage).

Not just that, having an efficient trademark monitoring system in place becomes all the way more important to avoid:

  • Your company has high chance of losing business and revenue if a competitor decides to infringe upon your mark.
  • Someone can use an identical or similar mark and sell their goods/services. If their products are of low quality, there exists a 100% possibility of you losing out on your loyal audience.
  • Two brands with similar trademarks will cause a likelihood of confusion in the audience.
  • Your company’s market reputation will suffer greatly if someone uses your trademark to sell illegal goods or services.
  • Your trademark can become generic and you will ultimately lose your mark. Trademarks such as “Cellophane,” “thermos,” etc. have become generic because their owners did not enforce proper trademark policing systems.

How To Monitor A Trademark?

For a layman or non-expert individual, trademark monitoring or watching can be a hectic task. This is because the process requires the usage of the best trademark monitoring software, curating comprehensive search reports, traversing through various filings and resources, identifying high-risk areas, etc. Therefore, it is best to hire an expert for the best trademark monitoring services.

If you want your trademark to be safe with a minimum amount and no effort, then TMReady is the solution for you. Our team of trademark experts will carefully analyze the registered trademarks and unregistered trademarks at various stages.

Our trademark monitoring strategy covers:

  • Comprehensive searching through various trademark databases, domain names, USPTO trademark filings, competitor websites, etc. We use the best trademark monitoring software to ensure the enforcement of your trademark rights.
  • Curate high-quality and expansive search reports specifically highlighting high-risk areas.
  • Suggest the most appropriate trademark enforcement strategy with a list of legal remedies as per the situation.
  • Real-time support and identification of any new issues and infringement possibilities.

For more information about our services, visit TMReady.

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