Why Unique Trademark Filing is Indispensable for Businesses to Thrive

As the market brims with innovation, the struggle for unique trademark filing is real.  Obviously, who wouldn’t prefer standing out from the crowd? A unique trademark that embeds in people’s mind does just that. Moreover, it’s a marker of identity that differentiates business in terms of ownership, recognition, product, and services. Additionally, it gives businesses[…]


How Our Multi-Country Trademark Searches Helped in Identifying Potentially Infringing Trademarks

In this IP driven world, intellectual property rights (IPRs) hold immense significance for both individual inventors and companies. A trademark is one such IPR that helps companies differentiate their goods and services from those of others. Before registering a trademark, however, companies should conduct thorough multi-country trademark searches. This is to ensure that no other[…]


International Trademark Full Search – 6 Reasons Why You Should Conduct It

International trademark full search – trademark is a sign or symbol that distinguishes the goods/services of one business from other businesses. Further, you can protect trademarks using various IP rights. Essentially, you can obtain trademark protection at the national and global level. However, before you apply for trademark protection, it is advisable to conduct a[…]


Trademark Lookup – 7 Reasons Why TMReady Leads the Way

Trademark lookup processes often assist trademark practitioners in conducting their research work on the trademarks they file for their clients. They look out for searching options, companies, and databases. Further, these tools also helps them in conducting thorough trademark searches. Hence, this helps them in forming a legal opinion on the registered validity of the[…]


Top 10 Use Cases of Trademark Availability Search & Watch

Trademark availability search and watch services help companies around the world in protecting their brands. These brands are associated with the company’s reputation and overall value. Thus, via employing brand protection, companies safeguard their business and also enable it to grow faster and stronger. A Trademark (TM) is an important IP right that allows you[…]


Trademark Comprehensive Search & Watch Practices: Challenges and Solutions

IP focused industries often face tons of challenges when they start their search for proper trademark solutions. Moreover, they forcefully conduct several ‘hit and trial’ measures to get the desired results. Thus, this helps in not realizing the specialized services offered by companies to assist with their trademark comprehensive search and monitoring requirements. Thus, we[…]


Get United States Trademark Search Conducted By Your External Trademark Expert Team

The External Trademark Expert Team is a modest and efficient way to conduct United States trademark search at ease while transforming your business. This model approach allows you the flexibility to hire a trademark expert team from different geographical areas as your in-house team without incurring any liability. Moreover, through its flexible business model, it[…]

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