Benefits of Doing Manual Trademark Search

Manual trademark search is completely different from automated trademark search wherein searches are done manually with human. There are many advantages that a manual trademark search offers to searchers and thus there are plenty of reasons that will elucidate why trademark search professionals should rely upon manual trademark search rather than automated trademark search.

manual trademark search

Thorough and full trademark search- While automated trademark search can give you only certain results and not desired results, a manual trademark search can give you the desired results, the result you are intending to get. Since, it is not automated and is done by humans every aspect of a trademark search is explored making it a full and comprehensive trademark search.

Common law search is covered- One of the unique features of United States trademark law is its characteristics of common law wherein trademark rights can be confered even if it is not registered, provided you have the proof of using that mark with your products or services. Common law searches involve searching various yellow pages, business publications, and financial disclosure those can be searched with utmost care only by human searchers and not automated tools.

Searching with various operators is possible- A complete and full trademark search becomes possible if a trademark search is done with various operators. A manual trademark search helps searcher do a search with many such operators which may not be possible with automated tools.

Better analysis- With manual trademark search, analysis could be done much efficiently and it will be much better. Since, a manual trademark search is done by real humans the analysis will be more accurate, efficient and targeted.

Reliable results- A result that is obtained after doing manual trademark search is much more reliable compared to an automated trademark search. A manual trademark search lets searcher find data that are more reliable and trust-worthy.

Searching multiple databases at a time- When you are searching multiple search databases at a time it is important to know each database to its fullest extent. An automated tool can’t identify different databases and thus manual trademark could be effective here, wherein a human search professional will be identifying and searching all these databases simultaneously.

All we can say is that a manual trademark search is more worthy compared to an automated trademark search. A manual trademark search is effective, worthy and reliable than an automated trademark search.

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