Trademark Across Countries: Trademark Fee & Procedure USA, Canada, India, etc.

Trademarks in USA Trademark Registration Authority of USA: United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Trademark Law of USA: Lanham Act Trademark Registration Duration in USA: 12-18 months Free Trademark Search Database in USA: Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) Trademark Registration Fees in USA TEAS Plus: $250 per class of goods/services TEAS Standard: $350 per class[…]


How To Do Trademark Monitoring in the USA?

Once you have registered your trademark with USPTO, it becomes important to keep a watchful eye on the latest filed trademark application to prevent others from using similar words, logos, or designs. The frequent monitoring of trademarks in industries is called trademark monitoring. Trademark monitoring in US helps in identifying potential infringers. Besides, trademark monitoring[…]


Top 4 Free Tools to Check if A Business Name is Taken

Building a brand starts with choosing a perfect business name. The name should convey your brand’s message in the easiest yet most effective way to the audience. But before you officially register your company or file for trademark registration of your business name, you need to find out “Is my business name taken?” If you[…]