Successful Trademark Search: A Comprehensive Checklist for you

Successful Trademark Search: A Comprehensive Checklist for you

Are you among those who want to drive a successful trademark search? If yes, then this article is definitely going to help you get a quick checklist to conduct a trademark search. Majority of trademark professionals prefer Google to conduct searches to find similar matches in jurisdiction trademark database. Also, many professionals take help of different systems as well as resources to conduct a more precise trademark search. However, people also use other options such as software platforms which have collaboration with many other counsels to get their search reports.

Successful Trademark Search: Checklist

Mentioned below is a quick checklist to help you conduct a successful trademark search:

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Check Trademark Database Explore all the database of required countries or state to ensure if an exact match exists or not.


Explore different categories of products and classes Look for exact matches in different products categories and classes to retrieve the desired result.


Emphasize on holders Aggressiveness Keep in mind the holders’ aggressiveness that has indistinguishable trademark derived on the ground of their history of opposition.


Make Phonetic and Visual Equivalent Search Eradicate likelihood of confusion by identifying words which are phonetically and visually similar. Also, the root words which are distinguishable.


Retrieve the meaning of words Retrieve the meaning of your trademark in all the local markets in which you wish to launch your product.


Look for product names which are unregistered Look for unregistered trademarks which are used in various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Google Play and many more.


Look for companies names Look for similar names of companies or organizations which are running and have not registered their trademark yet.


Sort the Relevant Result as per their Ranking Judge the whole result you have searched and then sort them as per their relevancy –keeping the most relevant one at the top of the list.


Explore the Result Explore the searched result thoroughly to demonstrate result’s most relevant output and risk.


Register the Internet Domain Make sure that your trademark candidate gets internet domain registration without any issue.

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