Trademark Searching: Choosing the Right Trademark to Suit Your Need

Before conducting a trademark search, it is very indispensable to know what a trademark is and what does it includes.  Trademark is a symbol, word, or words legally established to represent a company or its products. It includes a logo, stamp, emblem, badge, symbol, sign and many more. The major objective of incorporating trademark searching is to finalize goods or service marks, after checking and ensuring that the proposed marks do not match with the options (marks) available in the market.

Trademark Searching: What?

In a business organization, a trademark searching is conducted to find out already registered trademarks or service marks by some other company to avoid duplicity.

Trademark Searching: Why?

  • To avoid brands and trade names which are already registered or will soon be in use
  • To avoid opposition from other parties which may lead to production closing
  • To avoid recreation of a new brand from scratch

The importance of trademark for a brand is immense. The adjoining link will help you know why.

Trademark Searching: How?

Google and many other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo can be used to check if there any other similar trademark is available or not. However, it will not help you find just registered trademarks which have been not commercialized yet. Here, trademark search services come into action by providing detailed search results.

Trademark searching ensures:

  • Countrywide protection and prevents third parties from using the same name.
  • Avoidance of disputes which may lead to new trademark development, production stoppage etc.

Read the procedure for conducting a trademark search in detail.

Trademark Searching: Types

Trademark Search Type


Identical Trademark Search It provides marks or devices which are identical in terms of visual and phonetic.
Similar Trademark Search It provides undistinguishable confusing marks.
Trademark Search with Opinion It is done on the recommendation of an attorney in view of the prior identified marks.
Index Search It provides the company with the similar names as of searching.
In-use Verification Search It examines a third party for the use of trademark rights.

Do you know the difference between a trademark and a trade name? If not this article will help you out.

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