Top 6 Trademark Registration Advantages that you Must Know

Trademarks are symbol, word, numerals or combination of all which graphically represent a company’s brand. There are various trademark registration advantages that one can get on filing for trademark with the USPTO. Trademark filing services grants you the right to use a unique symbol which helps to distinguish one’s product. A trademark or brand name[…]

Importance of Trademark For Businesses

Importance of Trademark for Businesses

The importance of trademark is rising with the passage of time. When you have Trademark protection over your services or goods, it is easy for the customers to identify them in the market. As per the International Trademark Association, you can apply trademark protection to word, name, symbol; design, etc. until and unless it distinguishes[…]

10 Major Benefits of Trademark

The benefits of Trademark registration help the growth of an Organization. Also, a recent report justifies that, the trademark sums up to be 1/3 of the actual value of a corporate empire. An organization should not consider the registration and protection of a Trademark as unwanted expense among the business. Moreover, Trademark registration should count[…]