Trademark Advantages – The Most Important Ones

We have humans have certain qualities that are unique to us that help us form a distinct image in the society. We are also given a name that helps in getting identified in a pool of people. Trademark works as an identification mark for a company’s goods or services. Apart from this, there are many trademark advantages. This means, a trademark is not just a mark for identifying goods but also it serves many other purposes. A trademark is a symbol, design, word or combination of these.

With this knowledge, let’s move on to the advantages that trademarks bring for companies and to the associated people.

Exclusive Trademark Advantages

Trademark is one of the I.P. rights that help in safeguarding the intellectual property. But it tends to protect the goods and services that a company offers to its customers. Which means you cannot get a trademark at the individual level or for personal use. Although it is not compulsory to get your trademark registered, however, it brings certain advantages to companies. Here are the several advantages that a registered trademark offers which are quite indispensable.

Uniquely Identifies a Brand

One of the trademark advantages is the unique identification trademark gives to a brand. For example, Nike’s “Swoosh” logo, McDonald’s “Golden Arches” provides distinction to the products and services those brands offer.

Fig. 1 – Nike “Swoosh” Logo
Mc Donald's logo - Trademark Advantage
Fig. 2 – Mc Donald’s “Golden Arches” Logo

Protects Owner’s Investment

Getting a trademark for your company builds a reputation and along with that safeguards your investment and provides monetary benefits.

Prevents Unfair Competition

A trademark serves to prevent undue competition between companies who confuse customers selling similar goods or services. Creating this type of confusion is against trademark law. However, getting a trademark registration won’t protect that particular name. As in two or many companies can have the same name, but there is a profound distinction between the goods and services those companies offer.

Super Important for Startups

Startups often wonder whether it is worth spending their wealth over a trademark at an early stage. Yes, it is. A trademark is an instant catch for the customers of your goods and services. Also, getting a trademark registered with the USPTO lets you and others search the marks which are already in use. This helps them create a completely unique trademark for their goods or services. You can further learn the fundamentals of trademark for startups.

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Keeps Infringers at Bay

a registered trademark communicates that your brand is legitimate and valuable in a pool of imposters. This helps in preventing infringers from getting similar trademark as yours, at the same time works as a symbol of distinction.

Madrid Protocol

The Madrid agreement deals with international registration of trademarks. It is a filing treaty for international registration of trademarks. It ensures protection in up to 121 countries by filing a single application. Hence, it is a cost-effective and efficient way of making international registrations. The cost of filing includes the basic filing fees, and additional cost depends upon where you want to protect your mark. Additionally, cost also depends upon how many classes of goods and services you are covering in your registration.

You also need to keep certain things in mind while going for a trademark filing with the USPTO.

What Trademark Advantages do we bring?

After being thorough with the trademark advantages, you hopefully must have made up your mind for getting a trademark for your company. We, at TMReady, bring the best of the trademark search services at your end. Trademark search no only brings a distinctive trademark to you but also aids the trademark filing process. Our professionals are expert at performing comprehensive trademark searches. We do understand that getting correct recognition is synonymous to building the right brand. Hence, we focus on creating a unique brand name with the help of our Trademark Search and Monitoring Services.

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