10 Major Benefits of Trademark

The benefits of Trademark registration help the growth of an Organization. Also, a recent report justifies that, the trademark sums up to be 1/3 of the actual value of a corporate empire. An organization should not consider the registration and protection of a Trademark as unwanted expense among the business. Moreover, Trademark registration should count as Investment for Customer consideration which leads to an increase in sales.

Benefits of Trademark Registration:

 There are a lot of benefits for Trademark registration. It not only helps an organization to mark a place in the market but also protects the right of the company over the Trademark. Moreover, it provides future aids for the company at the time of business expansion. Some major aspects of Trademark registration are mentioned below:

  1. Exclusive rights

Trademark provides a right to the owner to use the good or service exclusively. The registration of a Trademark comes with a number of rights for the owner to seek benefits through the Trademark. Moreover, a company can sue for the misuse of the Trademark and nullify the infringers with the help of these rights. benefits of trademark

  1. Security

One of the major aspects of the Trademark is that it provides security to the novelty of the goods or service. Also, it secures the value of related goods or services.

  1. Abstract property

The major role of the Trademark is to become a symbol of abstract property for the goods or services related to it. A trademark acts as a vessel for the market value and reputation of the related goods or services.

  1. Licensing

Licensing is the best advantage for any Trademark. The owner can sell the rights to a third party to use the Trademark in a controlled way. This provides monetary benefits of Trademark to the owner. The owner can keep the record of the trademark in the Trademark register.

  1. Assignment

It refers to the transfer of Trademark ownership to another party. The Trademark Assignment is done with the consideration of business.

  1. Restraint

A registered trademark prevents another party to use Trademarks that are identical or similar to your trademark. The third parties become aware of the official belonging of the Trademark to the owner.

  1. Use in Litigation

A trademark registration gives a right to the owner to file for the misuse or any other damage against the infringer. Also, the owner can seek revenue for prosecution fee and other legal cases.

  1. Right to use the symbol ‘®’

You can use the symbol ® or “R” or the word “Registered” to notify the third parties about your exclusive rights over the Trademark. This is among the major benefits of Trademark.

  1. Foreign policies

You can easily apply for Trademark registration in foreign countries after registering it to the native country. This is done to assure worldwide protection of the trademark rights.

  1. Counterfeit Goods Act of 1997

The registration of a Trademark proves beneficial to avoid entries of counterfeit goods at the South African import points. The custom department can take legal action against the parties involved in the counterfeit activity.

The above benefits of Trademark help the owner to protect the novelty from it. Also, it allows the owner to maintain the reputation and demand for the goods or services in the market.

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