Importance of Trademark for Businesses

The importance of trademark is rising with the passage of time. When you have Trademark protection over your services or goods, it is easy for the customers to identify them in the market. As per the International Trademark Association, you can apply trademark protection to word, name, symbol; design, etc. until and unless it distinguishes your product from others.

Moreover, the company can seek legal advantages from the third parties, if they try to infringe the protected Trademark.

The registered Trademarks crack better business deals, as the other party finds the negotiation more secure. Moreover, reputed registered brands are more likely to survive the economic crisis than non-registered brands.

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The disadvantages of not registering the Trademark are:

  • Spoiling the status
  • Ruining the brand
  • Unable to secure the IP rights of the Trademark

Many companies think that keeping the Trademark name as that of the Company’s registered name provides protection to the Trademark. However, this is not the case. You have to provide separate protection for the Trademark in terms of Trademark registration.

It is also important to keep an eye on the registered Trademarks for possible infringement. As companies often lose sales and monetary profits by the original Trademark due to the infringing marks. However, you can avoid these circumstances after understanding the importance of Trademark registration and monitoring.

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How to Create a Trademark?

The Trademark must meet the requirements of the segment in which you want to file the Trademark. Moreover, it must be unique in nature as per the local IP office.

Trademark Individuality Criteria

The main criteria for the individuality of a trademark are:

  • Non-specific: A Trademark that is too common in nature cannot qualify for registration as anyone can use it.
  • Creative/Exotic: This type of Trademark gets
  • the maximum level of protection. This includes using a phrase or wordings that are not directly related to the product or services.
  • Expressive: The Descriptive type is only valid when the supplementary meaning is attached that shows the public relation of the Trademark.
  • Suggestive: This Trademark category demands the customer to find the logical relation between the word/phrase and the product or services.

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