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Companies perform Trademark search worldwide provide their services in foreign countries. The Madrid Protocol manages the whole procedure from the application part to the registration part of the trademarks globally. This protects the IP rights of the owner over a Trademark globally.

TMReady provides you a bunch of trademark services with the aid of experienced and professional teams. Also, our main motive is to understand the client requirements and then imply our best to gain the most precise outcomes.

Our teams are located in 7 different offices worldwide. This includes 300+ Techno-legal Professionals, 100+ Countries covered in searches, 12,500+ Projects delivered globally and 1200+ Clients serviced with multiple solutions.

Moreover, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) provides a database for the Trademark search Worldwide. It allows the customer (Who wants to use the Trademark internationally) to know about the recent status of existing Trademark applications or Trademarks.

Trademark search Worldwide: variants

  • AI search: It searches for the near/similar trademarks. Also, it includes searching for marks that own a phonetic variation. An artificial intelligence program searches the required data in accordance with the applied filters. The results are then grouped with the help of advanced AI. This is the quickest way of performing searches.
  • Manual search: The manual search is performed with the help of experts that consider particular algorithms to search for related content. This includes the search for phonetic variation and language equivalents. It also searches similar or near Trademarks. Also, the search is made through advanced AI and then the results are curated manually with the help of experts. An additional manual search is performed for verification.  It is more reliable and requires more time.

Trademark Search Worldwide: types  

The main categories of a preliminary search are:

  • Word search:

Searches phonetic similarities.

  • Device mark search:

Requires the search database of the International Classification of Figurative Elements of Mark.

  • Logo search:

Searches on a NICE classification database based on the NICE Agreement. 

Moreover, we also provide comprehensive reports that represent different stages of the whole process. It provides you a list of all the pre-existing prior-arts and their technical analysis. The main objective of TMReady is the effective execution of work with minimum turnaround time. Thus, we do a keen research on the needs and work procedures. Also, we provide customised services to obtain the best within the optimum cost. Our technical team keeps you in regular touch with the current stages of the work in progress.

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