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    The custom TM searching is meant for those businesses that are looking for custom trademark search where clients can ask for searches on the basis of custom search criteria like fields, owner names, owner countries, NICE classes, goods/services and/or dates.

    With custom TM searching, we conduct your own international trademark search based on the customized search strategy to meet specific and particular objectives of clients.

    No matter, whether you trying to do trademark screening, find related TTAB Information of marks or want to get mark’s owner details, this is the best solution.

    Features of the custom TM searching Package:

    • Custom searches will be done
    • Clients can ask for trademark searches on the basis of various criteria
    • Various search criteria like fields, owner names, owner countries, NICE classes, goods/services and or date will be used


    Why is it needed to do trademark search before filing?

    Trademark search is not mandatory as per law, still, it is recommended to ensure distinctiveness and registrability of the intended mark. It also helps business gauge the likelihood of confusion and possibility of trademark infringement at latter stage.

    Who this trademark search is important for?

    This trademark search is important for those businesses that want to do limited trademark search based on their own search criteria. Not only it’s a to the point approach but is also cost-effective.

    How will you deliver the trademark search report?

    Generally, a TM search report is provided in soft-copy format, still, if clients have some specific requirement like hard-copy of the same we can provide that too.

    Are you a professional trademark search firm?

    Yes, we are a reputed trademark search firm and have been helping clients from all over the world to make them informed decisions about their trademarks.

    Who will be doing trademark research?

    All people involved in this search are experts in the trademark domain; they are well acquainted with various trademark search databases and regulatory frameworks of the respective jurisdiction.

    How quick can you deliver the trademark search report?

    There are three different options that are available when it comes to delivering trademark reports. The options are:

    1. Regular delivery (delivered within 3-4 days)
    2. Expedited delivery (delivered within 2 days)
    3. Super expedited (within 24 hours)


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