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A Trademark requires a coherent Trademark check to recognise evaluation, tracking timelines of active Trademarks or applications and scheduled updates related to the Trademark examination. With so many objectives to work on, the smallest error may lead to huge losses.

Our unique Trademark check service has benefitted companies with in-house IP and Individual Trademark holders in making the IP business epilogue for more than ten years.

Also, our searchers have a stronghold on understanding the Trademark. We use Flexible and easily adaptable methodologies to find out critical prior art. Moreover, we use a collaborative search technique in which two or more searchers work in parallel with each other.

Our agents are in regular touch with the client during the complete procedure and provide continuous updates at every stage of the work process. This helps the client to instruct the required changes. Also, we ensure to wrap up the task within the given deadlines and at a price that is pocket-friendly for the client. Moreover, we provide customizable themes for search operations.

The Trademark check results are then analyzed thoroughly by our professional team of Subject Matter Expert. They own sound knowledge of the respective domains. The experts own a keen understanding of the technological landscape and critical date in terms of corresponding law. It helps in delivering the best Trademark check results to the clients.

How to perform a complete Trademark check?

Our main search comprises of Federal Trademark Search and Common law Trademark search.

Federal Trademark Search:

In Federal Trademark Search we use Tess (Trademark Electronic Search System), a USPTO database.



Common-Law Trademark search:

The Common law Trademark search does not have a standard database. We perform the search in various areas; they include searching the Internet, Social media, Business records, Newspapers and booklets, State Trademark Registers, Yellow Pages and Administrative and Case materials.

There exist 2 types of basic searches:

  • AI search: This type of search is done through artificial intelligence and is a quick way to get the results. We feed some set of instructions and filters to the automatic search engine.
  • Manual search: This type of search is performed manually while considering a few criteria. It takes time but is more reliable. A team of professionals handpicks the relevant results. Although the results are found with the help of AI but the final curation is done manually.
Trademark Search Monitoring Resources

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