A Complete Guide to Trademarks in the USA

The article is a complete guide to the trademarks in the USA that is essential for every business owner. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about trademark registration, trademark, filing, how to file your trademark, and trademark search. You can own a brand name as well as other trademark rights, including[…]

Interesting Facts about Trademarks

Interesting Facts about Trademarks

Trademarks are intellectual properties that businesses register to protect their identity. Being familiar with patents and copyrights, businesses should know the facts about trademarks. Trademarks give a special identity to manufacturers of goods and service providers. Having registered a trademark, an entity gets exclusive rights to use it. Moreover, trademarks help in increasing the social[…]


What all Fields/ Parameters Can be Used to Conduct a Trademark Search?

When you are trying to protect your brand it is important to go for a comprehensive trademark search that can do justice to your invested time and resources. However, a comprehensive trademark search can be accomplished only when we use all the parameters provided in the search database. These parameters can either be in the[…]