Trademark Search Service: What makes it significant for your company?

To do a trademark search is to look out for other related trademarks and make sure you do not infringe upon others’ trademarks. Also, to create a trademark that uniquely defines your brand.  This is not a superficial search; hence, taking up a trademark search service proves very useful. 

You can conduct a preliminary trademark search on your end, but it won’t help you in the long run. A trademark search is beyond database searches and involves an investigation into unregistered trademarks as well. Also, you cannot rely on simple keyword search; trademark owner, TM image and TM number search help in in-depth searches.

Trademark Search Service vs. In-house Trademark Search

Although there is nothing wrong with conducting an in-house trademark search, rather it is a free-mode of the trademark search. But with this approach chance of skipping related trademarks is real high. This, in turn, leads to a huge loss of time and produces erroneous results.

A person may conduct an in-house trademark search from the databases of national patent office databases such as the USPTO. He/she might go with the database of WIPO for multi-country searches. While doing international searches it is important to consider phonetic, linguistic and national variations.

You can consider it as a preliminary approach of trademark search, but do consider taking trademark search service for effective results.

On the other hand, a trademark search service is not a superficial search; rather it provides a deeper look into the already existing trademarks in the market. It is a more sort of strategic search which provides a complete analysis of all the active trademarks. You cannot afford to overlook the process of trademark search for effective trademark filing with USPTO.

 Here is a list of the benefits that you reap by taking a trademark search service.

  • Comprehensive Results: The first and foremost benefit of taking a trademark search service is that the results are thorough. They are experts at tailoring the results as per your TM search needs.
  • Lesser Issues: with years of experience in the Intellectual Property industry they are well knowledgeable of the correct approach for trademark search. Also, the experts have international connections; therefore they do not face linguistic, phonetic or national barriers.
  • Updated Software: the trademark search specialist always keeps themselves updated with state-of-the-art tools for trademark search. These licensed software help in finding deep-seated trademarks. Therefore, there is no compromise on the quality of search results. Note: Although the software can eradicate the mistakes made due to human error, it surely can’t replace manual search.

Well known trademark search databases

Since searching through global databases marks the first step for a trademark search, it is important to follow authentic databases only. These databases provide an easy step-by-step approach for trademark searches. You can conduct a basic search by just adding keywords related to your trademark.

  • WIPO global brand database: the World Intellectual Property Organization offers the Global Brand Database which is a hub for 38,090,000 trademark records. This encompasses 55 national and international jurisdictions.  WIPO database is the topmost choice for international trademark searches.
  • The Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS): is yet another important trademark database offered by USPTO. Just as the Global Brand database, TESS also provides an easy approach for TM search. It also provides you design code search feature if your trademark is essentially a design mark. The design code is a 6-digit numeric code for search purposes. These design codes are essentially applying for the design code search manual of the USPTO.

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Our Approach

It is not only money that you invest in building your brand, but also, time and efforts on promotion and recognition of it. This certainly proves how important it is to produce a trademark that uniquely identifies your brand. But, before you invest your resources in finalizing a trademark for your brand, conduct a comprehensive trademark search.

By now you must have understood the importance of taking trademark search service and if you are in search of one, TMReady is at your end. Our manual searches are accompanied by state-of-the-art tools and artificial intelligence technology. We make it a point to provide a detailed search report that encompasses the different boundaries of the world. You can also check our trademark search samples free of cost by making a little inquiry. We also provide trademark search, trademark monitoring and international search results at cost-effective prices.

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