May 20, 2021

Comprehensive Trademark Search

If you’re filing a trademark application, you must conduct a comprehensive trademark search with the USPTO. For the product or service that requires a trademark, you could come up with a unique term or expression. However, you must ensure that your word/phrase does not conflict with a previously registered trademark. As a result, it is important that you conduct a thorough trademark check prior to filing.

Why Choose TMReady for Comprehensive Trademark Search Services?

  • TMReady takes over your entire queries related to searching for your mark and provides you free time to concentrate on your core work.
  • Besides, our skillful and expert team assists you to perform a Comprehensive trademark Search in the form of USPTO trademark search, WIPO trademark search, EPO trademark search, and Customised search.
  • Moreover, TMReady owns a professional and skilled trademark search team that ensures that you get precise and reliable data with the Comprehensive Trademark search.
  • Also, we deal with the largest companies and organizations in the world and help them to defend and monetize their IP rights.
  • Further, our Comprehensive Trademark search supports them to lead within the industries and obtain maximum profit.
  • Moreover, TMReady provides you the most flexible coverage related to Trademark services.
  • We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and our main aim is to always keep customer interest at the front.
  • Our team tries to keep transparency between the customer and the working and provide free beneficial suggestions for long-term benefits.
  • We have a constantly growing dedicated staff located in 7 different offices globally. This includes 300+ Techno-legal Professionals who have delivered 12,500+ Projects delivered globally to 1200+ Clients Serviced with multiple solutions and 100+ Countries covered in searches.

TMReady Comprehensive Trademark Search Variants

Advanced AI-Full Search

We require artificial intelligence for this  comprehensive trademark search. Moreover, a software program sorts out the required data according to the set operations or filters. It is a quick way of searching trademarks.

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Manual-Full Search

The manual comprehensive trademark search is performed with the help of professionals that follow particular criteria to search relevant content. Thus, it is more trustworthy and requires some time. Although, the curation is done manually the search is done with the help of AI.

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We use Federal Trademark Search and Common law Trademark search for a Comprehensive Trademark Search:

Federal Trademark Search

A Federal Trademark Search uses Tess (Trademark Electronic Search System). It is a database of USPTO that contains a record of all registered trademarks. The search contains the Basic and Additional options. The basic option involves a Basic Word Mark Search and a Word or Design Mark Search (Structured/ Free Form). Further, the additional features include Browsing the Dictionary and Searching Official Gazette Publication or Registration Date

Common-Law Trademark search

The Common law Trademark search does not have a particular database. However, we search various areas, such as the Internet, Administrative and Case materials, Business records, Newspapers, Yellow Pages and booklets, News, State Trademark Registers, and TV sources, etc.

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