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Advanced AI–Full Search: US TM Searching


  • Package includes US Federal & Madrid Search coverage; To add additional search options, select respective add-ons.
  • Screening Search package is only applicable for “Word Mark”; If you have “Image Mark”, please switch here for Full search.
  • All prices are in US$.
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Product Description

With this search package, we have incorporated smart proprietary algorithms that can do the heavy work of trademark search bypassing the risks of human errors and that too at reliable cost. Our criteria based Searches coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) insights pinpoint identical trademarks, variant spellings, phonetic equivalents and similar marks in specified jurisdictions.

With this search, we target US Federal, and Madrid trademark database keeping in mind the near/similar marks, phonetic variations, orthographic similarity and misspellings, prefix, infix and suffix variations, vowel & consonant similarity, plurals and stemming and abbreviations and acronyms. Apart from the main course search (US Federal and Madrid) clients can also avail various add-ons that are available in the search like:

  • US States
  • Common law
  • Canada
  • Mexico

Search Criteria used in this search are:

  • Identical/similar marks
  • Phonetic similarity
  • Orthographic similarity and misspellings
  • Prefix, infix and suffix variations
  • Vowel and consonant similarity
  • Plurals and stemming
  • Abbreviations and acronyms
  • Other similarities

Stated simply, Advanced AI full search is a comprehensive trademark search option for those that are looking for a quick/instant option. Our comprehensive search algorithms are considered as world’s best trademark search algorithm – which finds “all” (+99%) confusingly similar trademarks and with less noise.