Why and how to monitor trademarks?

Trademarks are assets of any company and thus it is important for owners to take care of their assets. Monitoring trademarks continuously and throughout the year is one of the means to take care of these invaluable assets and thus with this article we came up with some facts that will underline why it is important to monitor trademarks and what are the various ways through which we can monitor trademarks.

why monitor trademarks

Why monitor trademarks?

The domain of IP is like a battlefield wherein every now and then you can find an infringement suit being filed by a party against the other. There are many instances when trademarks are being abused and other parties are eating on major profits. Thus, it is very important for trademark owners to safeguard their invaluable assets by monitoring trademarks for any kind of abuse.

How to monitor trademarks?

There are many methods through which we can monitor trademarks but here we are listing some of the important methods that can help us implement an effective trademark watch process in place.

Google Alerts- Google alert is one of the most effective armor in the toolbox of trademark professionals. This service is offered by search giant Google Inc. and we can set alerts right on our Google mail account without investing much of our precious time. Google alerts grab items from all over the web – including news, blogs, and websites – and email you results containing a match for your trademark.  We can set Google alerts daily, weekly, or “as it happens.”

Industry search- Online Industry search is another important way to monitor trademarks. With this, we make a long list of news sites, publications, and blogs and do a thorough search to find relevant information in the relevant industry.

Federal trademark search databases- Federal trademark search databases are the goldmine of information and if we know how to do a search it can be immensely helpful. For instance, if you are intending to search trademark related data of the United States then Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) is the best database to search various trademark related information.

Username search- Sometimes username search also reveals some data that are very important and can’t be searched otherwise. No matter whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram we can search for usernames and assess if someone else is using our trade name or trademark.

Find out the importance of trademark monitoring or trademark watching for your brand.

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