Get United States Trademark Search Conducted By Your External Trademark Expert Team

The External Trademark Expert Team is a modest and efficient way to conduct United States trademark search at ease while transforming your business. This model approach allows you the flexibility to hire a trademark expert team from different geographical areas as your in-house team without incurring any liability. Moreover, through its flexible business model, it offers unparalleled success to any business, from startups to multinational corporations.


External Trademark Expert Team plays an efficient role in the progress of startups, small law firms and solo practitioners. It is a business model of outsourcing operation of your United States trademark search work. Additionally, the team’s professional expertise assists in projects with speed and accuracy. Thus, it is an ongoing co-operation between you and External Trademark Expert Team.

Further, this team can be both near-shored (to a bordering country) and off-shored (to a totally different continent). It acts as an extension of your company which ensures greater productivity, greater efficiency, 100% quality and long-term partnerships. Moreover, the Trademark Expert Team offers a wide range of key benefits as well.

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Key Benefits: Trademark (TM) Expert Team

Best hand-picked talent

TM expert team comprises of trained and experienced candidates for United States trademark search.

Focused and experienced

The Team is assigned to your project full-time and they do not need to juggle multiple projects and can focus 100% of their attention on your project. The team members hold more than 5 years of relevant experience and have completed more than 500 TM search projects.

Flexibility in work iterations and transparency in payment model

The team focuses on the client’s instruction and covers all important aspects of the mark. Even after a successful submission of the project, if the client wants any changes or wants to include anything extra, the team is happy to oblige and is flexible to do iterations. Although, iterations takes half of the project time, it can be attempted twice and thrice as per the client’s requirement. The team works on a fixed pricing model, however, the client can also suggest a payment model which suits them to pay after completion of the work.

No-hassle in setup and operations

When you think about your business expansion, this Team can keep a watch on your United States trademark search and provide you TM Experts with all necessary conditions and tools so that they can perform the shared tasks efficiently.

An easy start with high scalability

With us, you can setup your own TM Search team instantly. Moreover, you can scale up your business revenue and start recurring revenue from existing clients. You can start TM Monitoring services as well for your existing client who have registered trademarks.

Here, TM Experts Team will help you to conduct timely TM Monitoring reports for your clients. Also, you would be able to handle any sudden workload and big projects as you know that you have your own External TM Experts Team.

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TMReady Solutions

Experienced External United States Trademark Searching Team

TMReady’s External United States Trademark Searching Experts Team comprises of 20+ experienced Trademark searchers. They have the capability to deliver 5000+ projects for different clients in multiple domains.

AI-based and manual platform for searching

TMReady provides best-in-class searching services to trademark customers. We provide AI-based trademark search and manual search as well. In both these search platforms, we ensure that we cover all potential results which can be a cause of conflict. We cover trademark similarity search algorithm in our AI-based searches. In the Manual Searches, we take care of all exact, near exacts, similar sounding variations of the mark and other language equivalent trademarks. To ensure each potential result, we cover individual words with other words in required United States trademark searches.

Global and Multi Country Searches

We provide a wide range of United States trademark searches which covers global and multi-countries searches as well. Also, we provide both word and logo search globally. We cover 182 countries in Global Trademark Search and have performed more than 2000+ Global Searches in the last year.

Online order platform available

We have online order platform available for our customers so that they can submit their trademark request through online platform. Our online order platform is an extremely user-friendly tool and is easy to use. You can easily submit your order and pay there. You can order your project online through our TMReady website –

Trademark Search & Monitoring cost starts from USD 49

Our United States trademark search cost range starts from USD 49 per mark depending upon coverage. While Trademark Monitoring cost starts from USD 49 on yearly subscription, it varies upon coverage.

Reports expedited and delivered within 24 to 48 business hours

Our normal turnaround time is 3-4 days. However, if any client wants us to deliver the report within 24 hours or 48 hours, we can expedite the search as per their needs. In this situation, we take our client’s project on priority basis and deliver the report on scheduled time with quality. Our team is capable enough to deliver the search report on an expedited basis. On an average, we deliver 20% projects every year on an expedited basis to our clients as per their needs.

Above all, we shape our services to match your needs. Click here to have a look at our Trademark Search and Monitoring Services.

– Kritika Rai (Trademark) and the Editorial Team

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