Three Important Things To Know About Conducting a Global Trademark Search

Trademark is an essential business asset. It can protect your consumers from getting confused regarding the source of the product/service. Trademark laws can protect your brand, logo, or slogans, and distinguish it from the competitors in the marketplace. If a company wants to expand its business and enter the global market, it needs to protect its trademark from infringement beyond the local jurisdictions. Global Trademark Search enables you to scan for infringement risks in existing international trademarks or trademark applications. It enables enterprises to launch products in the international market without fearing any potential infringement litigation.

Global trademark search involves conducting searches in global databases for identifying similar or identical marks. You can search in trademark databases of the concerned jurisdictions with various keywords, search phrases, and strings. Using the right search strategy, you can plunge deeper, extract relevant information, and make more informed trademark decisions. It will enable you to keep a tab on legalities for marketing your product across the legal market, and ensuring that your trademark is available and valid for use in the foreign market to secure the brand against infringement and liabilities.

Here are a few important things you should know about global trademark search.

Benefits Of Global Trademark Search

Businesses file a trademark application with the trademark office of their local jurisdictions. Hence, before entering the global market, they need to apply in the concerned jurisdictions to register the trademark with a state. However, before applying, conducting a global trademark search is imperative to determine if there is a possibility of their trademark being similar to an existing trademark in that jurisdiction.

Moreover, a global trademark search helps to uncover the potentially conflicting mark within the trademark before registering it to gain the exclusive right for operating the trademark in those countries. Besides stopping counterfeiters, it also enables the company to enjoy exclusive rights over their valuable business assets. It provides them with the opportunity to license their trademark and pave the way for popularizing their products/services internationally so that it doesn’t become generic.

Challenges In Global Trademark Search Process

The international trademark search operation is ripened with challenges. Some common pitfalls can decrease the potential of the search process, due to which one can incur more cost and time. Most businesses limit their search domain to free search databases that may have the right annotation elements, reporting functions, and search history. It can severely impact the search scope. Before searching, you will need to identify the brand which will enter the global market.

To select the brand, you must collaborate with multiple vendors spread across geographies which may cost you time and revenue. Because of the pressure involved, the stakeholders often slide back into taking short-sighted decisions which can affect the trademark search process and the consecutive launch in the international market.

Global Trademark Search Techniques

Three search techniques are available for conducting an international trademark search. It includes a word search, image search, and device mark search. You can search the WIPO trademark search database to access the international database for information regarding existing trademark applications, statuses, and decisions.

Why Choose Us?

These are a few important things you should know before conducting a global trademark search. It will enable you to avoid litigation risk and capitalize on opportunities to operate your brand in the global economy.

Furthermore, conducting it rapidly and cost-effectively enhances an organization’s growth and helps them to fully use their intellectual property.

Before filing for a trademark, businesses can use TMReady’s trademark search services to get all the information they need. Organizations can benefit from our cost-effective and result-oriented trademark search plans.

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