May 20, 2021

Global Trademark Search

A global trademark search, as the name implies, looks for trademarks all over the world. A trademark search with WIPO is necessary before filing a trademark. For the product or service that requires a trademark, you could come up with a unique term or expression. However, you must ensure that your word/phrase does not conflict with a previously registered trademark.

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Global Trademark Search: Importance & Benefits

The process of determining the originality of a trademark globally – in just one step – is what comprises global trademark searches. It’s beneficial for businesses that want to expand their operations into numerous countries. The procedure entails examining global databases for markings that are similar or identical. Furthermore, the patent and trademark offices may have previously registered or pending trademarks as well.

Thus, one cannot overstate the importance of conducting global trademark searches due to the points mentioned below.

  1. This is because the global protection that a brand enjoys has a significant impact on its value.
  2. In addition, in the previous five years, the trademark search market has evolved. It improves the process via the introduction of new tools, solutions, and services.
  3. Moreover, executing cost-effective and time-efficient global trademark searches is critical for India. Despite not being among the top countries with the most global filings, the country has been steadily improving. India is already one of the top five countries in the world for the number of domicile trademark filings.

As a result, low-cost global trademark search can advantageous for both, Indian and international businesses looking forward to growing their revenue.

Why Choose TMReady to conduct Professional Searches?

You’ve put a lot of effort into developing your brand. Aside from the money, there are hours of effort put into promotions, recognition, and making it relevant to your company’s core values. Before you put in this effort, you must be certain that you are on the proper track. That is what a global trademark search entails. Despite these considerations, you may feel the need for expert guidance.

TMReady has the most comprehensive and adaptable search coverage. To achieve this, we conduct all of our searches by hand rather than using computers. We also strive to make certain that our pricing is reasonable without sacrificing quality. Our promise to you is that you will be completely satisfied.
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September 2, 2019

Global Trademark Search

Companies perform Global Trademark Search to supply their goods/services in foreign countries. Madrid Protocol manages the complete procedure of application and registration of the trademarks globally. The Global Trademark search helps in protecting the IP rights of the owner over a Trademark globally.

TMReady provides you a package of trademark-related services with the help of its experienced and professional staff. Our main motto is to understand the requirements and then provide the most pertinent outcomes through Global Trademark search.

Our teams of dedicated staff are located in 7 different offices globally. This includes 300+ Techno-legal Professionals, 100+ Countries covered in searches, 12,500+ Projects delivered globally and 1200+ Clients serviced with multiple solutions.

The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) provides a database for a Global trademark search. Moreover, it allows the customer (that intends to use the Trademark globally) to know about the current status of existing Trademarks/Trademark applications.

Types of Global Trademark Search:

The main categories involved in a preliminary search are:

  • Word search: For phonetic similarities.
  • Logo search: This requires a NICE classification database based on the NICE Agreement.
  • Device mark search: Requires the database of the International Classification of Figurative Elements of Mark.

Need a comprehensive search? TMReady


Our search covers all the global databases. We provide you the most precise outcomes. Our professionals perform an advanced AI search on the related mark with the help of the latest search engines. Later, our expertise performs a manual search to verify the obtained outcomes. This digs out the most precise and reliable results.


TMReady owns a team of experts in the field that remain in regular touch with the current technologies and software. They pick out all the possible permutations and group them in the most systematic manner in order to create the most comprehensive reports. This aids the client to obtain an easy and comparable overview of the results.

Client handling:

Our agents remain in continuous touch with the client during the whole process and provide regular updates at every stage of work procedure. This allows the client to mention changes as per the requirement. Also, we ensure to complete the work within the deadlines and at a cost that is budget-friendly for the client. Moreover, we provide customizable search themes for the clients. Hence, you not only obtain what you want but also what you require.

Trademark Search Monitoring Resources

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