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  • Coverage: 92 Countries (see the complete list below)
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Comprehensive Global Trademark Search takes your trademark search to a deeper level where we will be searching trademark databases of more than 92 different countries with various keywords, search phrases and strings.

This Multi-Country Global Search helps you do a comprehensive trademark search early in the clearing process, saving you time and money. With this service, our trademark search analysts go beneath the surface, delivering in-depth information to help you make more informed trademark decisions.

Important features of Comprehensive Global Trademark Search package:

  • 92 countries will be under the scope
  • Pinpoints identical trademarks, variant spellings, phonetic variations and country equivalents
  • This search will be a critical step in your trademark risk management
  • This search gives comprehensive information and opinion you need to assess the availability of your proposed trademark for global use and registration
  • Common law searches will be performed with various data sources like SEC filings, internet search results, yellow pages, business names & records, financial sources (like Hoovers, Dow Jones (Standard & Poor).

Comprehensive Global Trademark Search covers the following regions. Available regionally or worldwide.

Sr. No. Code Register Sr. No. Code Register Sr. No. Code Register Sr. No. Code Register
1 AL Albania 24 EG Egypt 47 LA Lao PDR 70 RO Romania
2 DZ Algeria 25 WO6 Emblems 48 LV Latvia 71 RU Russian Federation
3 WOA Appellations of Origin 26 EE Estonia 49 LI Liechtenstein 72 RS Serbia
4 AP ARIPO 27 EM EUIPO 50 LT Lithuania 73 SG Singapore
5 AM Armenia 28 FI Finland 51 MO Macau 74 SX Sint Maarten
6 AU Australia 29 FR France 52 MK Macedonia 75 SK Slovakia
7 AT Austria 30 GE Georgia 53 MY Malaysia 76 SI Slovenia
8 BY Belarus 31 DE Germany 54 MT Malta 77 ES Spain
9 BX Benelux 32 GR Greece 55 MX Mexico 78 SE Sweden
10 BQ Bonaire, St.Eustatius and Saba 33 GG Guernsey 56 MD Moldova 79 CH Switzerland
11 BA Bosnia and Herzegovina 34 HK Hong Kong 57 MN Mongolia 80 TW Taiwan
12 BR Brazil 35 HU Hungary 58 ME Montenegro 81 TH Thailand
13 BN Brunei Darussalam 36 IS Iceland 59 MA Morocco 82 TO Tonga
14 BG Bulgaria 37 IN India 60 NP Nepal 83 TT Trinidad and Tobago
15 KH Cambodia 38 ID Indonesia 61 NZ New Zealand 84 TN Tunisia
16 CA Canada 39 IE Ireland 62 NO Norway 85 TR Turkey
17 CL Chile 40 IL Israel 63 OM Oman 86 UA Ukraine
18 CN China 41 IT Italy 64 PG Papua New Guinea 87 AE United Arab Emirates
19 CO Colombia 42 JP Japan 65 PH Philippines 88 GB United Kingdom
20 HR Croatia 43 JE Jersey 66 PL Poland 89 US United States
21 CY Cyprus 44 JO Jordan 67 PT Portugal 90 UY Uruguay
22 CZ Czech Republic 45 KZ Kazakhstan 68 PR Puerto Rico 91 VN Vietnam
23 DK Denmark 46 KG Kyrgyzstan 69 KR Republic of Korea 92 WO WIPO


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