Latest USPTO Trademark Rule: Everything You Need to Know

Trademark registration comes with a number of benefits. However, you must follow every USPTO trademark rule carefully to run the process smoothly. A trademark is any word, logo, symbol, or phrase that represents a product or an organization. Also, it protects the intellectual property of a company.

Also, your trademark must own the following qualities to qualify for registration in the USPTO :

  • Have an intention to use the mark in business.
  • choose a distinct mark for the business.

Moreover, the trademark protects the related business. Also, it differentiates your company or product from others. You may trademark the following categories according to the USPTO trademark rule:

  • Company or product names.
  • Also, sounds or scents, and colors for the product or brand.
  • Phrases or slogans related to brand or campaigns.
  • Symbols and logos for your brand.

However, there was a recent add on of a new USPTO trademark rule on August 3, 2019. It requires applicants or registrants with foreign-domicile to have a U.S.-licensed attorney.

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The new USPTO Trademark Rule:

The global trademark offices require applicants with a foreign-domicile to obtain a local attorney. Also, the attorney must help the applicants in filing papers for the trademark offices. Here comes the role of the new USPTO trademark rule. It requires a filer with foreign-domicile to hire a U.S attorney to file papers at the trademark office. Moreover, it helps in the betterment of the U.S. trademark registration system.

Trademark Applicants (Foreign-domicile)

It deals with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings. However, one must appoint an attorney with a license to practice law in the United States. Get to know more at foreign-domiciled trademark applicants, registrants, and parties.

Canadian Agents (Trademark)

These are the eligible practitioners that are appointed to represent the Canadian clients. However, the USPTO only corresponds with the appointed licensed attorney (U.S). You may seek further information from the Canadian trademark attorneys and agents.

U.S. (licensed agents)

The representing trademark filer must provide:

  • Name, email and postal address
  • Information about bar membership (state, year of admission, bar number). Also, for detailed inquiry, you may check licensed attorneys (U.S).
  • A statement confirming to their active membership in good standing of a bar of the highest court of a U.S. state, Commonwealth, or territory

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Moto behind the USPTO Trademark rule:

The U.S. trademark register makes crucial decisions about business brands. Also, the number of fraud and inaccurate applications filed at USPTO is increasing. Most of them are applicants with a foreign-domicile. However, these applications do not comply with USPTO rules or U.S. trademark law. 

Thus, USPTO asks for an attorney with a license to practice law in the U.S. Also, it ensures that applicants with foreign-domicile receive registrations according to the legal requirements of the U.S.

The USPTO trademark rule intends to:                                                                 

  • Grow customer consent with USPTO regulations and U.S. trademark law.
  • Protect the uprightness of the U.S. trademark register. 
  • Refine the precision of USPTO trademarks.

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