Trademark Monitoring: Why is it indispensable for Businesses?

Trademark monitoring is a crucial step when you have a business and have spent the money to register your trademark. The trademark monitoring allows trademark owners to get alerts when the filing of a similar trademark takes place. It helps one to know when he needs to take action to keep the trademark safe. The monitoring makes sure that the owner stays observant so that the trademark doesn’t turn into a generic word. That is why monitoring the trademark is very important for scaling up the business. We will discuss some of the advantages of the trademark monitoring process.

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Advantages of Trademark Monitoring:

Trademark is basically a logo or a symbol representing any product or a company. Most companies understand the benefits of registering corporate brands as trademarks in the countries in which they trade their products. But, it is equally important to protect the trademark from the unauthorized and potentially damaging use. So, monitoring plays an important role in avoiding trademark infringement these days. The importance of it is as follows:

Early infringement identification:

The earlier, the owner identifies infringement of the trademark, the easier it is for the companies to enforce their trademark rights. To identify this, keeping an eye over the trademark is very important. Early identification is important for brands at risk in building up evidence of misuse when acting against the infringement.

Prevents damage control:

Trademark Monitoring prevents damage control as well. It allows for the flexibility and freedom to expand any ideas you have. When you watch all the brands you have on a regular basis, it allows you to protect your future investments. If the trademark has a low priority in the market, that doesn’t mean it won’t be popular in the future.

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Shields against an increase Globalization:

The process of monitoring is essential, as it shields against an increase in globalization. The economy continues to become more global, so the possibility for infringement also continues to grow. This is also true in business to business and business to consumer industry, due to more options for consumers than ever before.

Effective watching strategy:

Trademark Watching is an important process in the proactive monitoring of registered marks. It helps to identify any misuse of the trademark. However, to be truly effective, there is a need for the formation of a trademark strategy. This is due to the fact that it takes into account the size and reach of the brand owner’s portfolio. A brand owner’s trademark watching strategy should cover all the relevant trademark registers to identify applications for similar trademark. It prevents the counterfeiting of the symbols and logos.

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Option to oppose:

Whenever you get to know that someone is trying to copy your trademark, you have the right to oppose it freely. Several companies provide services to monitor new trademark applications. Trademark watch helps you to get a notification that the upcoming trademark is similar to yours. This can benefit you from stopping that company by filing a formal notice of opposition at the USPTO.

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