Importance of Trademark Watch- A Must For Your Brand

Trademark registration is the initial step one takes for the effective use of their chosen trademark as their brand identity. However, to ensure the protection of the mark from potential infringement trademark watch service must be considered. So, let’s discuss how trademark watch is beneficial for your business.

Trademark Watch Early Detection Importance

Earlier the potential infringer is identified, easier for the trademark owner to enforce their IP rights. In case of infringement, the opposition needs to be filed under 30 days from the infringing trademark publication. In case of deadlines are missed, then also trademark registration can be challenged but with extra cost and challenges.

Early detection is also indispensable for opposing contradictory use of applications on a larger scale, and for preparation of evidence to be used against such infringement cases.

Trademark watch also plays a vital role in general monitoring of what your competitors or third parties are planning.

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Types of Trademark Watch

Trademark watch is used to monitor potential conflict applications and has been categorized as:

Identical Trademark Watch

It identifies the marks which are phonetically or visually identical.

Similar Trademark Watch

This watch service is used to recognize the marks which are identical and confusingly similar.

Note: The above-mentioned watch types can be availed without any opinion. However, an opinion trademark watch involves recommendation of attorney on trademark watch result depending on prior rights considerations and possible business impact. However, the coverage of the watch depends on the records which are monitored. For instance, the watch service can cover a single country, all European countries, or can be worldwide also.

Trademark Watch Includes

To conduct an effective trademark watch strategy reach and the size of the brand owner portfolio must be considered. Be it in-house management or outsourced, the trademark watch strategy must cover all the registers of the trademark to find similar and identical trademark applications. Plain wordmarks, logos, and stylised words are majorly emphasized in watching service. Considering visual trademark, it is important to make sure that the element is included via monitoring stylised logo or word.

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Trademark Watch Result Management

A large amount of monitoring data is received by companies having strong trademark portfolio and wide watching strategies. It not only wastes the time of the owner in the scrutinization process but also increases the risk of missing the important results.  Taking trademark watch opinion from professionals reduces pressure by providing you examined result incorporating major notifications and deadlines.

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