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It is important to make sure that your investment is right before you file for a trademark. The safest option is to go with a full trademark search. At The TMReady, we dig out your entire headache related to searching and monitoring of your mark. Thus, providing you more time to concentrate on your key work.

Moreover, our dedicated and professional team assists you to get the desired result. Our search includes USPTO trademark search, WIPO trademark search, EPO trademark search, or even a customized search. TMReady owns an experienced trademark search team that ensures that you get reliable and accurate data with the help of full Trademark search.

We work for many worlds’ biggest companies, organizations, and law firms. Also, we help them to monetize and defend their IP rights. Our guidance and full Trademark search allows them to lead innovation amongst the industry. Moreover, it aids them to gain maximum profit out of the IP budgets by providing them precise information.

Moreover, our crucial technology research and latest tools to provide a globally optimized solution for the IP law firms. Also, we collaborate with many government and non-government organizations to promote and commercialize innovation. We have developed keen knowledge, tools, practices, and framework while serving the global IP community for more than a decade.

Also, our growing teams of dedicated staff are located in 7 different offices worldwide.

They include:

  • 300+ Techno-legal Professionals
  • 100+ Countries covered in searches
  • 12,500+ Projects delivered globally
  • 1200+ Clients Serviced with multiple solutions

How to perform a full Trademark search?

We mainly focus on 2 types of searches, Federal Trademark Search and Common law Trademark search.

  • Federal Trademark Search:

In Federal Trademark Search we use Tess (Trademark Electronic Search System). It is a USPTO database for all the registered trademarks. The search contains the following options:



Although, the Common law Trademark search does not own a particular database. We perform the search in various areas, they include searching:

  1. Internet
  2. State Trademark Registers
  3. Social media
  4. Yellow Pages
  5. Business records
  6. Newspapers and booklets
  7. Administrative and Case materials
Trademark Search Monitoring Resources

Here you can Download our All free Resources:

Trademark Samples (Trademark Search and Monitoring), Guides, E-books, Case-studies, Approaches, Methodologies, etc.

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