How to set Trademark Monitoring Search Coverage?

How to set Trademark monitoring search coverage? Do you think it is justice to limit the trademark monitoring to crown jewels and not to anything else, well NO! The most common mistake practiced even by the big sharks of the industry is to solely focus on their best 10-20 marks while overlooking the rest. While[…]

Trademark Watch Service

Trademark Watch Service-Process & Benefits

Trademark watch also called as trademark monitoring is the act of policing brands and trademarks for unlawful uses. Putting a trademark watch mechanism in place is not mandatory, but, as a professional business entity, it is important to keep a vigilant eye on activities that are going on in the marketplace. A vigilant eye would[…]

monitor trademarks

Why and how to monitor trademarks?

Trademarks are assets of any company and thus it is important for owners to take care of their assets. Monitoring trademarks continuously and throughout the year is one of the means to take care of these invaluable assets and thus with this article we came up with some facts that will underline why it is[…]

Trademark Monitoring Service

Why is Trademark Monitoring Service Important for Brands?

In an era when every now and then you can come across a trademark infringement, it’s important for brand owners to protect their brands from any kind of unlawful uses. Trademark monitoring is all about ensuring this and companies that provide such services are called as Trademark Monitoring Service Providers. This article is an attempt[…]

Trademark Watching

What is Trademark Watching and how to Implement it Effectively?

Merely registering a trademark is not enough to protect a brand; rather, it should be monitored throughout the year and round the clock to ensure that your valuable marks are protected and enforced. This is where the importance of trademark watching comes into, wherein we keep a vigilant eye on the domain to ensure our[…]

trademark monitoring service

Trademark Monitoring: An Effective Brand Protection Strategy

As a trademark owner, it’s important for companies to do trademark monitoring of their marks throughout the year and round the clock. Many times clients say that they are witnessing a sharp decline in their overall sale and they start restructuring and reorganizing their sales channel. However, as an informed business owner, we must agree[…]