June 8, 2021

Trademark Search Cost

You can execute a trademark search for a fixed trademark search cost and analyse the various viewpoints based on the goal that a business owner wants to achieve. Furthermore, this procedure is not limited to obtaining clearance or a registrability opinion for a trademark. There are a variety of other reasons why you may need to conduct a trademark search at a large cost in various ways.

Trademark Search Cost: Usefulness

Business owners and clients frequently request whether they should undertake preliminary trademark searches at a reasonable cost. However, conducting a professional search is usually a smart idea. Furthermore, after completing the trademark process, you can submit one or two options. As a result, these tiny expenditures in your time will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Moreover, you must conduct a comprehensive and competent trademark search. If a trademark is already registered, you cannot pay an attorney to make an application to register it. You can find this out by doing a trademark search first. You’ll gain a lot more value from a professional search once you’ve eliminated all the simple ones.

Trademark search cost: Types

Federal Trademark search cost

The average cost of a search for USPTO database (TESS) is $60-$200.

 Full Trademark Search cost

This search includes both Federal Trademark search and Common law Trademark search. There is no particular standard for the cost of the Common Law trademark search. It may vary with different firms and also the price does not determine the quality of the outcome.

  • The prices may vary within the range of $120 to $300.
  • The global Trademark search may range up to $500.

The price varies depending on the company you hire. However, the results of a search from the lower-priced company are not necessarily inferior to the results of a more costly search.

Why Choose TMReady?

We believe in performing a quick and effective AI search and then verifying it with manual searches. We provide you with the most precise outcomes as listed below.

US Trademark Search Price/Cost

AI Trademark Search Price/Cost


Manual Trademark Search Price/Cost



Our Trademark search system is designed to fit your requirements. We own customized services with various ranges. This helps the user to choose personal selection criteria according to the budget. We perform multilingual searches and analyze various scripts.

Comprehensive Reports

Our team of experts reviews and analyzes results manually. Moreover, they classify similar matches and rank them to prepare a comprehensive report. This allows you to pick out critical matches easily. Thus, we save you from unnecessary expenses.

Professional Support

We allow you access to a team of professionals and experts. Also, one of our specialists is always focused on the project to deliver quality within the deadline. Moreover, we let you know about the updates and iterations on a regular basis.

Worthy trademark search costs offered by TMReady allow businesses and worldwide organizations to grow and protect their critical IP from competitors. Our team of professional experts in trademark searching helps you guard your IP at every life cycle stage.  Also, we deliver precise and trustable results whether it is a single search or high-volume project. We always make sure to turn every stone with our searching efforts at the local region or even global level. Moreover, we provide you the perfect match as the analyst who owns the right skills and requirements for your deal. It takes blood and sweat for a person to invent something and a lot more effort to protect it. No one wants it to go in vain. Thus, TMReady is there to take all of your headaches at a very reasonable price.

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