September 4, 2019

Trademark Registration Search

Trademark Registration Search: Our thorough Trademark search helps you get a better perception of your mark thus defining its scope and ensuring Non-Obviousness. Also, it makes a clear distinction from the prior art and accelerates the prosecution that leads to Trademark grant.

We served leading innovators, Fortune 500 companies, R&D of the organizations, individual inventors, etc.

How do we do it?

There are basically 2 types of Trademark registration search:

  • Federal Trademark Search
  • Common law Trademark search


  • Federal Trademark Search:



TESS contains the following search options:

Note: You must use the Design Search Code Manual to find the relevant Design Codes.






  • Common-Law Trademark search:


It does not own a particular database, but you may search the following areas:


  • Internet
  • Newspapers and booklets
  • State Trademark Registers
  • News and TV sources
  • Administrative and Case materials
  • Yellow Pages
  • Business records


Basically, there are two types of searches:


  • AI search: This type of search is done through artificial intelligence and is a quick way.
  • Manual search: This type of search is performed manually while considering a few criteria. Though it is time taking but is more reliable.


What specialties do we provide?

  • Technicality


  • Search engines


Our expert searchers use various tools and paid databases to conduct an effective Trademark search. Our Extensive geographical coverage serves worldwide clients. Also, we follow strict timelines to ensure the on-time delivery of the projects to the clients.

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