Top 10 US Trademark Filers in 2015

Top 10 US Trademark Filers in 2015: Let’s take a look at the Top 10 USA Companies – Filed Highest Trademarks in 2015

For the year 2015:

Standing at the first position and securing 3,179 trademarks is an American multinational technology company, the Apple Inc., which designs, develops, and sells software based and electronics based products. It has 2263 trademarks of combined type, marking 51.09%, 21.70% of word type, and 21.05% of figurative type among its total trademark registrations for that year.  Another American multinational pharmaceutics manufacturer company, Johnson & Johnson stands second in the rankings by securing 2,415 total trademarks in that medical industry. It has made 54.37% word type, 40.33% combined type, 5.24% figurative type, and rest other type among its total registrations. At third position, another American consumer goods company, The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) secures 1,963 trademarks, with 61.19% combined type, 31.40% word type, and rest other types of trademark registrations.

Another American mass media and entertainment group, Disney Enterprises Inc. lands at fourth position, securing 1,922 trademarks, from which 53.80% trademarks are of word type, 35.21% trademarks are of combined type, and rest are all from other types of trademarks. At the fifth position lies an American healthcare company, Abbott Laboratories that holds its command in medical drugs, devices, pharmaceutics, and nutritional products. It secures 1,014 trademarks with 49.81% of word type, 34.05% of combined type, 15.58% of figurative type, and rest other types of trademarks. Following this, at the sixth position is British American Tobacco (Brands) Inc., which is a tobacco trading company. It secures 950 trademarks in the same year, with 53.60% of word type, 36.44% of combined type, and 9.86% of figurative type of trademarks. An American e-commerce and cloud based company Amazon Technologies Inc. marks its place at the seventh position by securing 925 trademarks in that year. Out of which 54.52% of the trademarks are of word type, 35.17% of combined type, and rest belongs in the figurative type, stylized character type, and sound-based type.

Google Inc. has its commands in internet based products and services, and lies at the eight position by securing 924 trademarks for that year. Out of the total trademarks, it has 55.48% of word trademarks, 34.72% of combined trademarks, and the remaining belongs from figurative, stylized character, motion, hologram, sound, 3D, and other types. Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. Merck & Co., Inc. is a one of the pharmaceutical based company from America that secures 883 trademarks for that year and lies at the ninth place. Out of the total trademarks, it has 77.92% of combined trademarks, 12.44% of word trademarks, 9.60% of figurative trademarks, and the rest are of stylized character, motion, hologram, sound, and 3D type. By securing 819 trademarks, an American film studio, named as Universal City Studios LLC., lies at the tenth position of our rank list. Out of the total owned trademarks, it has 62.28% of combined trademarks, 30.72% of word trademarks, and rest belongs from stylized character, motion, hologram, color, sound, and 3D type.

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