Manual-Full Search: UK TM Searching


  • Package includes UK Trademark, EUIPO and Madrid Search coverage; To add additional search options, select respective add-ons.
  • All prices are in US$.
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Not merely satisfied with near/similar mark search and want phonetic variations as well as the language equivalents to be included, then, this package is best for you. This Trademark Searching package will include UK Trademark, EUIPO and Madrid trademark search with add-on options for all EU countries, common law, US federal and Canada TM databases. For common law searches many data sources will be used including SEC filings, top Internet search engine results, Business names & records, Financial sources (like Hoovers, Dow Jones, Standard & Poor), Yellow pages, Top news-papers and Industry news.


Important features of this Trademark Searching package

  • Near/similar marks will be done
  • Phonetic variations will be covered
  • Country equivalents will be included
  • Various data sources will be used for common law searches
  • UK trademark database will be searched
  • EUIPO will be searched
  • Madrid search will be done
  • Common law-UK, US Federal and Canada TM search can be included as add-ons

Who this trademark search is important for?

This trademark search is important for those businesses that want no stones to be left unturned when dealing with trademark search. This TM search package is meant in such a way that clients get comprehensive, detailed and exhaustive search report that can help them make informed decisions.

Why should companies do full trademark search?

Unlike knock-out trademark searches, a full trademark search is meant at scanning even phonetic variations and country equivalents that can be of immense use in determining the registrability and availability of a trademark.

How will you deliver the trademark search report?

Generally, a TM search report is provided in soft-copy form still if clients have some specific requirement like hard-copy of the same we can provide that too.

Are you a professional trademark search firm?

Yes, we are a reputed trademark search firm and have been helping clients from all over the world to make them informed decisions about their trademarks.

What are the data resources you will be using for common law searches?

Some of the important data resources that we will be using for common law searches are: SEC filings and top Internet search engine results, business names & records, financial sources (like Hoovers, Dow Jones (Standard & Poor), yellow pages, top newspapers and industry news.


  • EUIPO package will cover the EUIPO database only and EU (27) Countries covers individual 27 European Union countries.
  • Translation of local language goods and services into English language, would be charge extra.
  • Normal customization would not charge, but it depends based on efforts and number of hours. Any customization which takes more than one hour will be charge accordingly.


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