Manual-Full Search: Europe TM Searching


  • Package includes EUIPO and Madrid Search coverage; To add additional search options, select respective add-ons.
  • All prices are in US$.
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S. No. Country S. No. Country S. No. Country S. No. Country S. No. Country
1 Albania 2 Andorra 3 Armenia 4 Azerbaijan 5 Belarus
6 Bosnia and Herzegovina 7 East Germany 8 Georgia 9 Gibraltar 10 Guernsey
11 Iceland 12 Jersey 13 Kosovo 14 Liechtenstein 15 Moldova
16 Monaco 17 Montenegro 18 North Macedonia 19 Northern Cyprus 20 Norway
21 Russia 22 Serbia and Montenegro 23 San Marino 24 Soviet Union 25 Switzerland
26 Turkey 27 Ukraine 28 Yugoslavian Republic 29 Yugoslavia
EU (European Union)
1 Austria 2 Benelux 3 Bulgaria 4 Croatia 5 Cyprus
6 Czech Republic 7 Denmark 8 Estonia 9 EUIPO 10 Finland
11 France 12 Germany 13 Greece 14 Hungary 15 Ireland
16 Italy 17 Latvia 18 Lithuania 19 Malta 20 Poland
21 Portugal 22 Romania 23 Slovakia 24 Slovenia 25 Spain
26 Sweden 27 United Kingdom


  • Europe package will cover the 56 European countries.
  • Translation of local language goods and services into English language, would be charge extra.
  • Normal customization would not charge, but it depends based on efforts and number of hours. Any customization which takes more than one hour will be charge accordingly.

The Full Search: Europe TM Searching package is crucial for those businesses that are looking for a comprehensive trademark search where phonetic variations and language equivalents will also be covered along with near/similar marks.

This package includes EUIPO and Madrid Search coverage along with various add-ons that clients can choose from to make their search worthy. All prices are in US$.

Important features of the package:

  • EUIPO and Madrid Search coverage are included
  • Businesses can opt for various add-ons like EU countries TM search, Common Law TM search, US Federal search and Canada TM search.
  • Near/similar marks will be searched
  • Phonetic variations will be covered
  • Country equivalents will be covered
  • All prices are in US$

Some important points to know while purchasing Full Search: Europe TM Searching package:

How will full trademark search be different from the screening trademark search?

In full trademark search, phonetic variations and country equivalents will also be covered along with near/similar marks.

How quick can you deliver the report?

Depending on the need, clients can choose from 3 different options pertaining to delivery of the report like Regular (3-4days), Expedited (within 2 days), Super-expedited (within 24 hours).


What kinds of trademark search do you do?

We do word search as well as the image search. Please select whether you would want to search a Word Mark or an image Mark or both. If you select, “Both (Word Mark and Image Mark)” two separate searches will be conducted as per the chosen scope and add-ons.

To conduct both searches of different scope, order them separately.

What details do I need to provide to buy Full Search: Europe TM Searching package?

If you want “Word Mark” OR “Both (Word Mark and Image Mark) please provide the details of the Word Mark in the box below. If you want “Image Mark” OR “Both (Word Mark and Image Mark)”, please upload a picture of the Image Mark at the specified column.


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