Manual-Full Search: Canada TM Searching


  • Package includes Canada and Madrid Search coverage; To add additional search options, select respective add-ons.
  • All prices are in US$.
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What does COLA mean on TTB (Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau)?

COLAs Online is an Internet-based system that allows registered industry members to apply online for a certificate of label approval (COLA), certificate of exemption from label approval, or distinctive liquor bottle approval.

Why we search COLA Registry?

The TTB Public COLA Registry is a database that provides access to information on Certification/Exemption of Label/Bottle Approvals (COLAs), which TTB issues through TTB F 5100.31. Use this database to access information on approved, expired, surrendered, or revoked COLAs. No registration or password is required to use the Public COLA Registry.
The electronically approved and paper images are available for viewing and printing for COLAs issued from 1999 to present and are generally available 48 hours after they have been approved. You may view data only for COLAs issued prior to 1999. Searches for COLAs issued before 1996 may not produce a complete result set.


  • Only last 30 years of Cola Registry data will be searched and included in the report.
  • Normal customization would not charge, but it depends based on efforts and number of hours. Any customization which takes more than one hour will be charge accordingly.

The Full Search: Canada TM Searching package is meant for those businesses that need comprehensive trademark search, including Phonetic Variations and Language Equivalents along with the near/similar marks. The Package includes trademark searching coverage of Canada and Madrid with add-ons such as Common Law-Canada, US Federal and US States.

Salient Features of the Product:

  • Package includes Canada and Madrid Search coverage
  • Near/similar marks will be searched
  • Phonetic variations will be included in the search
  • Language equivalents will be included in the search
  • Clients can add additional search options like Common Law – Canada ($29.00), US Federal ($49.00), and US States ($29.00)
  • All prices are in US$.

What you need to know before purchasing Full Search: Canada TM Searching package:

How  will full trademark search be different from the screening trademark search?

In full trademark search, phonetic variations and country equivalents will also be covered along with near/similar marks.

Why do we need to cover phonetic variations?

Phonetic variations are words that sound alike creating the possibility of confusion between the two words (for example ‘CAT’ and ‘KAT’). Phonetic equivalents are important because they indicate how an existing mark may be perceived by a consumer as, too similar to your proposed mark. If phonetically equivalent marks exist in the same industry there is a strong possibility of consumer confusion and the proposed mark may be rejected. Thus, it is important for businesses to search phonetic variations of their word or mark that they are going to use.

Why do we need to cover foreign/language equivalents?

Language may sometimes create confusion in case of trademark registrations. For example, the Doctrine of Foreign Equivalents is a rule applied in United States trademark law requiring proposed marks in a foreign language be translated to determine whether they are confusingly similar to existing marks.

Simply put, it tests if some consumers who are familiar with the foreign language will find the proposed mark confusing and thus we need to address this issue right at the beginning. A foreign equivalent trademark search enables business rule out any such possibility.


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