June 8, 2021

National Trademark Search

National trademark search enables innovators and organizations in obtaining trademark protection at a national or regional level. After conducting a strong search, one can obtain trademark protection at the national/regional level by filing a registration application with the national/regional trademark office and paying the relevant fees. You have two alternatives at the international level: either file a trademark application with the trademark office of each country where you want protection or use WIPO’s Madrid System.

Trademark rights are often derived from utilizing a mark in commerce in a specified territory, such as the United States. As a result, it’s critical to check to discover whether any trademark owners have identical trademarks that could prevent you from utilizing or registering your possible trademarks. The act of acquiring and analyzing information in order to determine the availability and protectability of a possible trademark is trademark searching and clearing. In other words, a national trademark search finds other previously registered trademarks that may clash with your proposed trademark.

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National Trademark Search – Benefits

There are various benefits of national trademark search as listed below.

  1. For advising on the dangers of certain trademark uses that have not been previously cleared.
  2. To determine the risks of extending the business or marketing using the trademark.
  3. To examine the risks associated with a name change that could be used as a trademark.
  4. t helps in determining the merits of third-party claims and objections based on a client’s trademark use.
  5. In determining the merits of a possible infringement suit against a third party.
  6. In determining the trademark’s strength in light of third-party use of the same or similar trademarks, and
  7. To detect potential infringements or misuses by third parties.

Why Choose TMReady for National Trademark Search Services?

TMReady has a team of professionals who always remain aware of the current software and technologies. Also, they dig out all the potential permutations and combinations and categorize them in the most structural way to obtain the most comprehensive reports. As a result, the client can get a quick and comparable overview of the results.

Our national trademark search covers all the National/International Trademark search databases and provides the most flexible and precise outcome for you. Furthermore, our professionals use the most up-to-date search engines to conduct an extensive AI search of the mark. Our national trademark search experts also do a manual search to double-check the results. This produces the most relevant and dependable results. Moreover, our agents keep in constant contact with you to provide updates or notifications on the status of the work throughout the process. This allows you to specify as many iterations as you need. We also make it clear that we will execute the task within the agreed-upon timelines and at a rate that is cost-effective for the client. In addition, we provide clients with customizable search themes. This ensures that the customer is completely satisfied.

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