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  • Package includes Canada & Madrid Search(All US designated WIPO results are included in the Canada Section in the report) coverage; To add additional search options, select respective add-ons.
  • Screening Search package is only applicable for “Word Mark”; If you have “Image Mark”, please switch here for Full search.
  • All prices are in US$.
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The Screening Search: Canada TM Searching package offered by The Trademark Search Company is meant at providing trademark search solutions to those businesses that are targeting Canada as their destination. This trademark search package includes trademark searching coverage of Canada and Madrid(All US designated WIPO results are included in the Canada Section in the report) with add-ons such as Common Law-Canada, US Federal and US States.

Important features of the product:

  • The package includes Canada & Madrid Search coverage with various add-ons.
  • Screening Search package is only applicable for “Word Mark”; if you have “Image Mark”, please switch on to the Full Search.
  • All prices are in US$.

Important facts to know while purchasing Screening Search: Canada TM Searching package:


Why do I need to do Preliminary/Screening Trademark Search?

Preliminary/screening trademark search helps clients find near/similar marks that have the potential to influence their products and brands in future. Not only it helps clients rule out the possibility of trademark-infringement but can also help them making informed decisions about their trademark.

What do I need to Provide as an Input?

For screening trademark search, clients are required to provide only the Word Mark, which, they are wanted to be searched.

Do you Provide Hard Copy of the Report?

Yes, we do. A hard copy of the search report will be delivered to your address with an extra payment.

What will be the Delivery Speed of the Report?

There are 3 different options those are available to clients, such as:

  • Regular (in 3-4 days)
  • Expedited (Within 2 days) ($29.00)
  • Super Expedited (Within 24 hours) ($49.00)

Who will be doing my Trademark Searches?

All trademark searches are done by competent and well-experienced professionals who are well-acquainted with trademark laws of various territories and their respective regulatory framework.

What are various Data Sources you will be using for Common Law Searches?

Some of the important data sources, we will be using to conduct common law searches are yellow pages, top newspapers, business names & records, financial sources (like Hoovers, Dow Jones, Standard & Poor), industry news, SEC filings and top Internet search engine results.


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