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Multi-Country Global: TM Monitoring service is meant for keeping a vigilant eye on every trademark filling going on in multiple countries, that can have an impact on your brands. This TM monitoring service can help you assess if your trademark, trade-name or any other trade-related assets are being misused anywhere in selected jurisdictions.

Features of the Multi-Country Global: TM Monitoring service:

  • Covers 184 Countries in Monitoring Scope
  • This service will safeguard your valuable brand from potential infringement
  • Trademark watching will be done for both word and design marks
  • Safeguards valuable brand from potential infringement
  • Monitoring for trademarks will be done by experts
  • Timely trademark monitoring reports give you the information you need to act quickly against marks that might have impact on your brand

Trademark monitoring is important when it comes to protecting the value of a mark. No matter, whether you have protected a slogan, a brand name, a color, a product shape or even a smell, it is important to monitor it and keep a vigilant eye on each of the events that are happening all around the world.

All we can say that Trademark owners have a duty to police their mark throughout the year and round the clock so that they can protect their brand from any kind of misuse. For businesses, enterprises and companies, the value of marks that are not policed are always in danger and it may cause complete loss of all trademark rights.

Viewing this as an opportunity, The Trademark Search Company came up with the idea of scheduled & time-based trademark monitoring services, so that clients can keep a vigilant eye on what others are doing and if their marks are being misused anywhere.

Important points to know before purchasing Multi-Country / Global: TM Monitoring service:

Why is trademark monitoring needed?

There are plenty of trademarks being filed across the globe which may influence your business objectives and thus, it is important to assess if someone, somewhere is abusing your marks and other trade-related assets. Monitoring trademark is all about ensuring that.

Who will monitor our trademarks?

Your trademarks and other trade-related assets will be monitored by trademark search experts who have deep understanding of trademark search databases and respective regulatory framework.


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