US Trademark Monitoring


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1. Select Add-ons *

Would you like to include any of the following Add-Ons in the monitoring assignment?

2. Input your details: *

3. Type of Client *

4. Select the type(s) of marks to be monitored

Please select whether you would want to monitor a Word Mark or an image Mark or both. If you select, “Both (Word Mark and Image Mark)” two separate searches will be conducted as per the chosen scope and add-ons.
To conduct both searches of different scope, order them separately.

4.1. Provide details of the Word Mark

If you selected “Word Mark” OR “Both (Word Mark and Image Mark)” in 3, please provide the details of the Word Mark in the box below.

4.2. Provide details of the Image Mark

If you selected “Image Mark” OR “Both (Word Mark and Image Mark)” in 3, please upload a picture of the Image Mark below.

(max file size 2 MB)

5. Additional Instructions, if any

If you have any specific instructions for this TM monitoring assignment, please provide them below.

6. Enter your Reference/Matter number (If any) :

7. Confirmation of the Mark Type(s) chosen *

If you have selected “Both (Word Mark & Image Mark” option in 3 above, please update the counter value below to “2”. Otherwise, let it be “1”.



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