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The USPTO is a fee-funded government organization that helps people in protecting their intellectual properties. As a result, the organization has developed a comprehensive tool – USPTO TESS. This state-of-the-art tool comprises Trademark Database and an advanced user interface. TESS’s (Trademark Electronic Search System) user interface helps applicants search trademarks in the entire database. Moreover, the database is robust and fast. As a result, the trademark searching process becomes smooth and efficient. However, the USPTO TESS isn’t a basic tool. It requires expertise to search for trademarks using TESS. Therefore, it’s recommended to have a subject-matter expert by your side while doing trademark monitoring or searching.

The USPTO TESS Makes Trademark Registration Process Easy 

It’s such a loss for a business if it’s doing business under someone else’s registered mark. We understand that it requires various resources to run a business. You just can’t build a brand in a day. Hence, trademark searching becomes crucial while starting a business. The USPTO TESS comes to rescue you. The tool lets you search trademarks. Moreover, you may use the tool to find out the details of the owner of the trademark.

Also, the USPTO TESS makes the trademark registration process easy. Before registering your mark, you may check if your mark is infringing upon someone’s IP rights. However, usually, applicants do a common mistake. We must advise you that even if you get the desired results after searching the USPTO database, do not assume that your mark can be registered at the USPTO. When you apply, the USPTO does its search and review your mark. In the case of confliction and the likelihood of confusion, the USPTO refuses to register your mark.

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The USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)

As we know the USPTO TESS is an advanced tool, we have to understand how it works to efficiently use it. Three types of search options are available on TESS.

Search Options in the USPTO TESS

  1. Basic Word Mark Search (New User)
  2. Word and/or Design Mark Search (Structured)
  3. Word and/or Design Mark Search (Free Form)   

Figure 1 – The USPTO TESS Basic Search Options

Furthermore, you may use two additional search options as per your search needs.

Additional Search Options in the USPTO TESS

  1. Browse Dictionary
  2. Search OG (Official Gazette) Publication Date or Registration Date

Figure 2 – The USPTO TESS Additional Search Options

We did Basic Word Mark Search for the mark “ISRO” and we got this result. In figure 3, we can see the USPTO has canceled the mark and it’s no longer in use. Moreover, the mark isn’t alive. We can get information about the mark as well as the owner of the mark.  

Figure 3 Trademark Search Result for the mark “ISRO”

The USPTO has provided extensive material and TESS Online Help to ease the trademark search process. You can use some TESS Tips as well. However, after doing a thorough search, if you can’t find a solution to the problem, you may email

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