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The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) is a government office and responsible for the EU trademark and registered community design protection. It was known as OHIM until 23 March 2016. The EUIPO allow you to protect your exclusive trademark rights in all (European Union) EU countries with a single application.

EU (European Union)
1 Austria 2 Benelux 3 Bulgaria 4 Croatia 5 Cyprus
6 Czech Republic 7 Denmark 8 Estonia 9 EUIPO 10 Finland
11 France 12 Germany 13 Greece 14 Hungary 15 Ireland
16 Italy 17 Latvia 18 Lithuania 19 Malta 20 Poland
21 Portugal 22 Romania 23 Slovakia 24 Slovenia 25 Spain
26 Sweden 27 United Kingdom


  • EUIPO package will cover the EUIPO database only and EU (27) Countries covers individual 27 European Union countries.
  • Translation of local language goods and services into English language, would be charge extra.
  • Normal customization would not charge, but it depends based on efforts and number of hours. Any customization which takes more than one hour will be charge accordingly.


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