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  • Package includes AU Trademarks and Madrid Search coverage; To add additional search options, select respective add-ons.
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With Full Search: AUS & NZ TM Searching package, businesses get to know not only the near/similar marks but also the phonetic variants and language equivalents of the intended mark.

The Package includes trademark searching coverage of AU Trademarks and Madrid with add-ons such as Common Law – AU, NZ Trademarks, Common Law – NZ, UK Trademarks and Common Law – UK.  Various databases like SEC filings, business names and records, national yellow pages, top newspapers, financial Sources (like Hoovers, Dow Jones, Standard & Poor), industry news, and top Internet search engine results will be used for common law trademark searches.

Salient features of the product:

  • Near/similar marks will be searched
  • Phonetic variants will be searched
  • Language equivalents will be searched
  • AU trademark database will be used
  • Madrid trademark database will be searched
  • Add-ons like Common Law-AU, NZ Trademarks, Common Law-NZ, UK Trademarks, Common Law-UK can be availed


 Important features to know while purchasing Full Search: AUS & NZ TM Searching Package

Why do we need to cover phonetic variations?

Phonetic variations are words that sound-alike creating the possibility of confusion between the two words (for example ‘CAT’ and ‘KAT’). Phonetic equivalents are important because they indicate how an existing mark may be perceived by a consumer as, too similar to your proposed mark.

If phonetically equivalent marks exist in the same industry there is a strong possibility of consumer confusion and the proposed mark may be rejected. Thus, it is important for businesses to search phonetic variation of their word or mark that they are going to use.

Why is it needed to do trademark search before filing?

Trademark search is not mandatory as per law, still, it is recommended to ensure distinctiveness and registrability of the intended mark. It also helps business gauge the likelihood of confusion and possibility of trademark infringement at latter stage.

Do you provide hard copy of the report?

Generally, reports are provided in the soft-copy format, still if you have specific requirement like hard-copy of the report we can provide that too.

Do you have trademark search professionals to accomplish the task?

Yes, all individuals who are associated with us are experts in doing trademark search. They have years of experience in searching various trademark databases with appropriate strings and keywords.

Will you perform common law trademark search?

Yes, common law trademark search will be performed with important data sources like SEC filings, top Internet search engine results, business names & records, financial sources (like Hoovers, Dow Jones, Standard & Poor), Yellow pages and Top newspapers.


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